Twitter for Android (Known Issues)

UPDATE 04/26/2011:

Known issues/bugs with Twitter for Android 2.0.2:

  • Account information is not being retained/Users must sign in to the app each time it opens:

    We need more information about this bug.
    If you are having trouble signing in please file a request here.
    Please include the brand/model of Android device as well as the version of Twitter for Andoird and the Android OS you're using.

  • URLs containing .me are not recognized. This is a bug in the Android OS. For assistance, contact Android Support.
  • App crashes on Downloading.
  • Users are unable to see who has retweeted them
  • Auto-refresh and Notifications aren’t working.
    • Currently, these settings will only work if you add your Twitter account to the accounts settings on your device and enable Sync Data.
    • If you are still not receiving Notifications, try signing out and signing back in.

Fixed Issues/Bugs on Twitter for Android 2.0.2:

  • Hard Keyboard double-types letters when composing a Tweet
  • Long press or swipe on a Tweet sometimes opens a different Tweet
  • Long press or swipe on a Tweet causes device media player to stop playing briefly
  • Inability to delete Direct Messages
  • Links in Direct Messages do not open properly

Thanks for your patience as we problem solve!

Twitter Mobile Support


Still need help? Contact Support.

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