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Each tweet on Twitter has a unique URL. You can use this link to navigate directly to the Tweet. These direct status links make it easier to share individual Tweets by email or IM.

Here's how to find a Tweet's URL:

1. Find the Tweet: While on, locate the Tweet. You might find the Tweet in the profile page of the user that posted it, or amongst all the Tweets in your timeline.

2. Click on the Tweet's timestamp: Below each Tweet, you'll find some additional information about the Tweet, like when it was posted and the source (for example, "from web" means that the Tweet was posted from

The time and date of the Tweet is called the timestamp. If you hover your cursor over the timestamp, you'll notice that it's a link. Click on it!


3. Find the status URL: When you click on a Tweet's timestamp, you'll be taken to the status page of the Tweet. If you look at the URL of your web browser, you'll see the exact status link, which you can copy and paste to share with others. For example, the status link of this Tweet by Eddie is


Now, you can share the status link whenever you want to share or reference an individual Tweet!

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