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Having trouble with your MySpace widget?

If you have installed the MySpace widget we provide on our Goodies page, you may experience an issue with your Tweets not getting delivered to your MySpace profile. Please note that we are aware of this and have determined it to be an issue on MySpace's end.

To contact MySpace's support team, please visit the following link:

In the meantime, you may try using Myspace’s Sync feature to sync your Twitter and Myspace accounts and display updates from Twitter on Myspace (and vice-versa). More information on how to sync the two can be found here. Please be aware that this is a Beta feature developed and supported by MySpace.


The Twitter Support Team


UPDATE: 4/20/10 – LE: We'll be re-adding the MySpace widget at some point. This won't happen for at least 3 weeks. I'll update this page again on 5/11/10.

UPDATE: 2/16/10 – LS: We are experiencing increased problems related to this issue and are sorry for the inconvenience. Our engineers are working to develop a fix for this as soon as possible – check back to this page for updates. Thanks for your patience.


@carolinespence says:
Yes, I'd rather have the widget on my page than have a shared status between myspace and twitter. For one thing, the myspace statuses are private, they are not on our myspace profiles.  So the proper twitter widget suits the profile pages best.  Thanks! :-)
@Dania_Howard says:
My twitter won't send my tweets to my myspace, but my myspace will send updates to twitter via the sync feature. What's going on? Plz fix it.
@sarahdoesntknow says:
i dont want my twitter to send my OLD myspace messages.  i forgot the password  and i want it to update my new myspaces status/
@yannibu96 says:
i dont want twitter to update my myspace but i already uninstalled everything n yet it still updates myspace howw do i get it to stop?
@FlorianMuth says:
Maybe there comes any fix for old myspace messages?   e.g.
@c3ebabie16 says:
how do i make my tweets go 2 the myspace home page?
@c3ebabie16 says:
how do i make my tweets go 2 the myspace home page?
@c3ebabie16 says:
how do i make my tweets go 2 the myspace home page?
@LilyVioletRose says:
Hi c3ebabie16 Create a Widget-code on Twitter at Goodies / Widgets / My Website / Profile Widget. Choose Settings, Preferences, Appearance and Dimensions. Click at "Finish and grab code". Copy the code and paste it into your Myspace account at profile / design profile / modules / html module. (If you've got profile 2.0 it should work.) And write a help-email to the myspace and twitter team if it doesn't work out. That's what I'm doing here actually. Good luck. Lily
@sterlingcrain says:
thanks for updating the page... not.

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