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What is Sleep Time?

Sleep time allows you to schedule an OFF and ON time for Twitter updates going to your phone. If you don't want to get Twitter updates at night, you can schedule your updates to shut off when you go to sleep, and turn back on automatically when you wake up. If you know you have meetings between 3 and 5 pm, you can turn your updates off between those times. (Keep in mind you can also turn updates on or off temporarily at any time via SMS.)

Sleep time settings are found under the mobile tab of your settings page, as shown below:


Note: make sure your time zone is correct or your sleep time might operate on someone else's schedule! Check your time zone in the account tab of your account settings. If you haven't added your phone yet, find out more about using Twitter with your phone here.

Setting Sleep Time:

1. Log in to Twitter.

2. In the upper right hand navigation bar, click Settings.

3. Click the Mobile tab.

4. If you've added your phone, you'll see a drop down box to set sleep time; select your off and on time from the drop down box.
5. Save your changes.

Problems? Submit a request to our Support team.

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