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This page is all about how to get others' tweets delivered to your phone. But first, you need to have added your phone to your Twitter profile. (Didn't do that yet? Click here. Already added it? Good job!) Now you'll need to turn mobile notifications ON for the people whose tweets you want to receive on your phone. You will always receive direct messages to your phone, but you will only get Tweets delivered from users whose mobile updates you've turned "on." (Click here to learn how to turn all mobile messages on or off.)

You can turn updates ON for users you follow in two ways:

1. Via Web (including mobile web)

2. Via Phone/SMS

How to Turn Mobile Updates On Via Web

Turning mobile updates on via web is easy! Follow the steps below.

1. Log in to your Twitter page

2. Visit the user's Twitter profile page who you follow and whose updates you want on your mobile. (Hint: Typing the URL will open up the users profile page for you, or you can click on your "Following" page.)

3. You'll see a small mobile icon beside the user's profile image. Clicking on the icon once will turn on mobile updates for that user. Clicking the button again will turn updates off (green means ON, gray means OFF).

NOTE: If an account is protected, the owner will have approve your follow request before you'll receive their tweets.


How to Turn Mobile Updates On Via Phone

Turning updates on using your phone is as simple as sending a text message.

1. Send a text message with the words 'ON username' or 'FOLLOW username' from your mobile to your Twitter code and we will send the tweets from that user to your phone. (Make sure that your device is added first! These commands will work only then.) Example: ON crystal / FOLLOW crystal

2. If you are not already following a user, but want to start getting their updates on your phone, you can still send 'On username' or 'FOLLOW username'. You will immediately start following that person as well as get their updates on your mobile.

3. You can turn OFF the updates if you no longer want them on your device. Send 'OFF username' or 'LEAVE username'. You will still continue to receive updates from the user on your web account, as you will still be following them. There is no way to unfollow via SMS.

(Want to learn about more cool stuff you can do on your phone? Find out more about our Twitter text commands here.)


Turning All Twitter Updates On and Off

At any time, you can turn ALL of your mobile updates on or off. Simply send a text message from your phone with the word OFF to turn them all off, then send a message with the word ON to turn them all back on. For more information about turning updates on and off, please visit this help article. You may also be interested in Mobile Sleep Settings, which allow you to choose a time during the day when updates will always turn off. Zzzzzzzz...

Turning Updates On Via Mobile Web (

If you have a mobile web browser, navigate to and follow the web instructions above to turn on text preferences for people you follow. If you need to use the full featured site, just view Twitter in "Standard View" by clicking the button at the bottom of the browser.

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