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Twitter doesn't charge you for text messages (SMS)

We don't charge you for text messages. However, as stated in our FAQ, depending on your service provider and your text plan, you might see usage charges for text messaging, and Twitter can become highly addictive. Those messages add up fast! If you don't want to deal with message counting, try using Twitter from the web first and see how you like it.

Text messages from Twitter are billed in the same way as text messages from someone you know. How Twitter will affect your phone bill depends on what text messaging plan you've chosen for your phone, and text messaging allowance. For this reason, we ask you to acknowledge that standard rates do apply when you add your phone to Twitter. This basically means that you understand that your service provider might have fees for sending and receiving SMS/text messages.

Depending on their mobile plan, some people pay a per-message charge of ten cents or more. Some people have an allotted number of text messages monthly. Some (lucky!) people have unlimited text plans. Twitter can be addicting, so check your plan to make sure you don't get a huge bill.

For all people using the international number: once your phone is verified, you'll be able to send your updates to +44 7624 801423, but you will not be able to receive text updates from Twitter. Find out more on the here.

A word of caution for those using the international number: some carriers don't charge an international fee to use Twitter's international number. Others, even in the UK, consider it an international number and charge from .15 to .25 per message. Remember to check your phone plan for international rates; be aware that even in the UK, standard messaging rates vary by carrier, and do apply.

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