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We designed the Twitter application for Android to make it easy for you to share all the things you would normally post on Twitter from your computer – whether it's an update with photos, videos, or your location – when using your Android phone. Below we provide answers to common questions about the Android application and troubleshooting for common problems.

What version of Android is Twitter for Android available for?

The Twitter for Android app is available for phones running Android 2.1 and above. The other versions (1.5, 1.6) won't work with Twitter for Android. If you have an earlier Android version, you can use our Android-optimized mobile website at

I want it! Where do I get the App?

Its simple!. Just scan the handy QR code provided at the end of this post. You can also search for Twitter in the android market or go to and click on the Download Twitter for Android link on the bottom of the page.

What is the latest version of Android app?

v1.0.1. Want to know all the new hotness and bug fixes in the latest version? Check out our Android Releases page.

What can I do with the Android App?

You can post a Tweet!

Posting Tweets on the Android application is similar to posting Tweets on Simply type your update into the box, and click update, as you normally would.


You can Reply to a Tweet!


You can Retweet a Tweet or mark it as a Favorite!


You can delete a Tweet!



Is something not working? Please file a request and we will make sure to address it. Your request should include the following:

  • which version of Android you are using
  • the currrent problem you are experiencing
  • a description of what you were doing when the problem occurred (e.g. 'I clicked the retweet button and nothing happened!')


@Costent says:
I can't get my follower list on samsung galaxy under android 2.1.
@htheriau says:
I can't get my following list.. get a java.lang null pointer exception ... nexus one android 2.1 however signing into my gf's account on the same device works fine
@Rezzenonne says:
Contact sync does NOT work at all on myTouch Slide! Running Android 2.1.
@ananasjihad says:
Using Android 2.1 on HTC Legend. Despite numerous updates over a week or more, one old tweet has remained at the top of the list. Even with updates this old tweet has remained first on the list and has always claimed to be from several minutes ago. This problem started to occur during a normal update of the feed using the most recent version of the app.
@HotSauce1stLady says:
I have MyTouchSlide and Twitter app wont load followers and error: 0/ Comes up when trying to load following.
@Soony says:
Phone: Motorola Milestone OS: Android 2.1 Issue: I set the refresh interval to every 15 minutes but it doesn't refresh automatically, both in the widget and apps.  I have set my phone's auto sync to "off".  Does it matter??? Facebook app seems to be able to update itself even though I have the auto sync as "off"
@whodat105 says:
For the last week I get 400/bad gateway instantly when refreshing. Tryed over wifi & data. Htc hero 2.1
@DragonScorpion says:
Contact sync is broken, I tried uninstalling and installing the app, on nexus one 2.1 update 1 ATT version, I also installed today froyo where I cant uninstall the app so I forced stopped I played around with the other sync options but there is no way to get it to sync contacts, and this worked before, I changed the SIM card and when I placed back the original one, it broke, and I cant get it to work again, thanks
@pgiuoco says:
anything involving contacts and syncing not working on Nexus One 2.2 frf85b throws and uncaught exception
@aaronneiman says:
All of app works except when trying to view who i follow then get error " cannot get users at this time. Please try again later.(0/class java.lang.NullpionterException) " i have HTC Hero on sprint running android 2.1

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