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If you already know how to use Twitter for iPhone for all the basic functions on Twitter, we suggest trying some of the tricks listed below for extra hotness:

Tip #1: Swipe to Reply.

Swipe over a Tweet in a list to bring up a shortcut menu.

Tip #2: Mark All as Read

Double tap on the messages icon to mark all of your DMs as "read".

Tip #3: Swipe to "Go Home"

Sometimes you may be drilled down very deep in a navigation stack. As a shortcut, you can swipe over the Back button to go back to the main screen.

Tip #4: Multi-Follow

If you have multiple accounts, you can follow and unfollow a person from multiple accounts simultaneously.

Tip #5: Link to Address Book

You can link a Twitter contact to a contact in your Address Book. Once linked, you can associate notes, email addresses and more. All of that information will be backed up when you sync your phone - even if you delete and re-install Twitter for iPhone.

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