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Create a survey to measure and record your students' progress against curriculum outcomes. Use Likert questions to rate students based on a rubric and text questions to record qualitative data to share with parents and faculty.

Market Research

Use Surveydaddy to collect data on your new product or service's potential market. Who will buy? With Surveydaddy, it's easy to gather the market data you need to make decisions to shape your start up.

Customer Feedback

What are they thinking? Find out what your customers think of your products and your services. Learn how you can improve both. Survey customers using our iPad app, send out a survey via email.

HR & Staff

Skilled, dedicated employees are hard to find and expensive to hire. Use Surveydaddy to conduct regular employee satisfaction surveys to find out how to improve your workplace and boost productivity.

iPad & iPhone

Survey customers, employees, or even random strangers on-the-spot with your iPhone or iPad. Polldaddy brings you the power of immediate feedback. Download it for free from the App Store today.

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