Video Productions


Texas Shores ... Saving What's Left. 26:39 VHS format. $10.

The Texas shoreline is retreating in the face of advancing waves of saltwater and the rate seems to be increasing. Travel the coast with us as we look at the price we all pay for erosion and the work aimed at finding a solution. The video includes a section on wave characteristics and the various activities that cause erosion, both natural and man-made. The production received the Grand Award at the 1991 CASE competition and was a Finalist in the 1991 Houston International Film Festival for documentary.

Balancing Act. 15:00 VHS format. $5.00

Scientists and private citizens have become an integral part in the creation of management plans for sensitive natural resources in Texas. This educational video outlines the biological significance of two coastal preserves in the Galveston Bay complex and the problems in creating a comprehensive management plan for both. Water quality problems are addressed, as well as the role private citizens can play in the process.

Saltwater Aquarium. 16:00 VHS format. $5.00.

An instructional video on the creation and care of a saltwater aquarium, the program covers curing the tank, water quality, testing procedures, and the do's and don'ts of home-based aquaculture.

Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary. 9:10 VHS format. $20.00.

The Flower Garden Banks, the northernmost coral reefs on the continental shelf of North America, became a National Marine Sanctuary in 1991. Located more than 100 miles off the coast of Texas and 50 feet below the sea's surface, the East and West Banks serve as a regional reservoir of shallow-water Caribbean reef fishes and invertebrates. This video, co-funded by NOAA's Sanctuaries and Reserve Division and Texas Sea Grant, highlights the location and problems observed at the Banks, and describes what is being done to protect the Santuary. A full-color informational brochure accompanies the video, and an educational poster is available.

Reef Romance ... The Flower Gardens. 11:30 VHS format. $5.00.

The second part of the Flower Gardens video package examines the perpetuation of life at the Banks and highlights many of the types of spawning activities found in the Sanctuary each Fall season.

Environmentality: Learning to Share Our World. 56:10 VHS format. $5.00.

An educational satellite uplink program produced by The Louisiana Educational Resource Network and co-sponsored by Texas Sea Grant, Walt Disney World's EPCOT Center, Sea World of Florida, Southern University, Save the Manatee Foundation and the Louisiana Systemic Initiative Project. The video uses the manatee to exemplify how the planet Earth is a fragile place.

Don't Mess with Texas Beaches. 20:00 VHS format. $15.00.

Litter on Texas beaches continues to be a problem, but the new enforcement procedures brought about by MARPOL Annex V and those anticipated from special designation are helping. This educational video also details the hazards debris presents for wildlife and Texas' tourist economy, and includes an explanation of abatement procedures currently being used.

Hooked on Seafood. 33:00 VHS format. $20.00.

This step-by-step guide reveals the secrets to buying and preparing quality fish and shellfish. The video features shrimp, crab, fish and oysters, with quick, easily prepared recipes demonstrated for each. Originally intended for home economics instruction, this handy reference has proven useful for the novice as well as the seasoned pro.

A Second Chance for South Bay. 14:55 VHS format. $5.00.

One of only three hypersaline bays in the world, South Bay was chosen as the first inductee to the Texas Coastal Preserve Program. This video describes the selection process and the criteria that will be used in future designations.

The Year of the Gulf Musical Science Tour Environmental Troubadours. 19:15 VHS format. $5.00.

A journey spanning the coast of America's Sea is featured. Listen to the songs of Bill Oliver and Glen Waldeck while viewing the children and scenery of the five states that border the Gulf of Mexico. Songs performed all have an environmental theme as the duo shows some of the problems encountered along with some possible solutions. The video is targeted toward young ages but can be enjoyed by all.


Tournament Fresh. 20:00 VHS format. $10.00.

This instructional video explains freshness testing and how to detect a frozen fish in a tournament entry. Use of a torrymeter is covered as well as the procedure for checking a blood sample under magnification.

Texas Sea Trials of the Turtle Excluder Device. VHS format. $5.00.

Texas Marine Advisory Service fisheries specialist Gary Graham evaluates several certified excluder designs for shrimp retention and ease of operation. The video covers the features, advantages and disadvantages uncovered by Graham and others during extensive testing off the Texas coast.

Texas Brown Shrimp. 10:20 VHS format. $10.00.

This marketing video for Texas brown shrimp covers the Texas offshore shrimp industry from capture to consumption. It includes details on a recent taste test that rated wild brown shrimp as superior to imports and outlines the product flexibility of Texas shrimp processing.

Texas Aquaculture. 26:40 VHS format. $5.00.

This full-length picture and music montage shows many of the different aspects of the Texas aquaculture industry.

Distributed by Texas Sea Grant

Hybrid Stripers. 15:30 VHS format. $10.00.

This is a technology-transfer video on the successful growout of hybrid striped bass. The program covers spawning, pond preparation and feeding. The video was produced by Dr. Thomas Linton and E.I. DuPont and is distributed through Texas Sea Grant.

Shrimp Boat Safety. 19:11 VHS format. $5.00. Specify English.

This instructional video is on basic safety procedures involving the shrimping industry. It is available in both English and Spanish.

Handling the Catch. 22:00 VHS format. $5.00. Specify English.

The program addresses on-board procedures that will result in the highest quality shrimp reaching the dock. It is available in both English and Spanish.

Cage Culture...Raising Fish in Ponds. 24:38 VHS format. $5.00.

This "how to" video shows various aquaculture techniques of raising fish in cages along with different cage designs. The video was produced by the University of Maryland Sea Grant College Program and is being distributed by Texas Sea Grant for the cost of the VHS tape.