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Destinations & Events Destinations & Events 1 What do I need to subscribe to Pai-Nai?
By subscribing to, your personal data are picked up in an application form in order to have your ID and let you enjoy our current and future online services. Moreover, your e-mail address is also preserved to put you on notice, if you see fit, about our services and sections, as well as to customize the portal content, guarantee satisfaction to your needs and improve all services we provide.
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Fairs & Congresses Fairs & Congresses 2 Do you share that personal information? Who do you share it with?
When you register for, the personal data you submit to us are not shared in any way and we keep them to ourselves with strict confidentiality. We do not reveal users' names, or any other type of private information about your own profile to other people. Suffice it to say we do not intend to do that in the future, either. That's why we strongly recommend you to provide us with an accessible e-mail address of your daily usage in case you could forget your password.
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May I cancel my subscription anytime I want to?
As soon as you see fit, you can cancel the subscription to any online service by clicking on the relevant hyperlinks contained in all messages sent to you. Every once in a while, you will receive notices on special offers, new online services to be purveyed by PAI-NAI.COM and other major pieces of news. Of course, in case you want to stop getting any of those notices, just contact us.

In addition to the terms and conditions described above, PAI-NAI.COM could reveal users' names and information in case of a personal emergency, to protect copyrights and properties owned by PAI-NAI.COM, ID's, contacts or lawsuits against whoever might interfere with our copyrights and properties, whether intentionally or not, and whenever any person could be affected by such activities.

Any change in the usage of personal information by PAI-NAI.COM will be informed in future issues of the Privacy and Safety Policy contained herein. We will be pleased to take your concerns about our policy and its implementation once you e-mail them to Please refer to a specific topic before sending any message. PAI-NAI.COM will try to answer all of your concerns and questions in a reasonable manner within a timeframe of seven (7) workdays after your e-mailed message has been received. If after that period of time you haven't received a reply to your concerns or doubts, or just in case you might render that answer as unsatisfactory, please write to

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