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TIGER Mapping Service
The "Coast to Coast" Digital Map Database.

Current Status and Future Plans

The pilot of the TMS project is complete, and is represented by the services available on this site. However, we are currently working on the production grade service, and are releasing bits and pieces as they are tested. Here is a brief feature list (as of TMS version 2.1): The following is a list of features that we would have like to have added to the service. However, the project is no longer funded and the code enhancements and maintenance are not possible at this time.

Important Note:

During the past year, the TMS servers have been generating 25,000 to 30,000 maps per day (FREE). The map server application is extremely CPU and I/O intensive and we are using as much compute resource as we can muster to provide this service to the public. We were given a little funding in FY '95 and we purchased (2) SGI Indigo2 machines which were quickly pushed to the limit. The plans for code enhancement were not funded this year and we are limping along with our 2.1 release. Over the life of the project, we have collected a ton fan email from all kinds of users (Thank you!), but we have not gotten enough internal support to keep the momentum going. Basically there is no funding to make enhancements to the map server code. We are now in a minimal maintence mode. There are still many bugs and the fixes may take a while (if at all).

Please email comments and suggestions to: TMS@Census.GOV

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