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webbler : overview


The webbler is a modular and flexible CMS, easily expandable. You can start small and grow as the business needs increase. The only technical requirement is a recent web browser.

The webbler provides an administrative area for maintaining your site - you can add, edit or delete documents (web pages) from within the window of your browser. You do not need FTP or an (HTML) editing tool. The webbler stores information in a database and serves content up to the users of your site through well designed and accessible templates.

Adding and editing documents entails putting the relevant text into relevant fields in an online form. Documents can have as many or as few elements as necessary - common elements (fields) in documents include headers, dates, introductory paragraphs, body text, photograph(s), caption box, document(s) to download, URL to related sites, related links to other documents within client site and specific contact info.

The webbler is database driven so the information and what you can do with it are two very different issues. The webbler brings them together. By using or mixing different elements you can construct a calendar database, a jobs database or an organisational database of regionally based societies, to name just a few possibilities.

The webbler is extremely flexible; it can handle most website requirements, as are shown in the case studies. We have developed the webbler with several important criteria in mind, based on our many years of experience with developing websites.

The live demo is a fully functional website, where you will be able to control the content of the webpages. Any entered data is available in real time only and is deleted on a regular basis.

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