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A list of advanced features for the webbler is shown below. These are not included in a standard installation of the webbler, but are added by plugins for the webbler. These can be individually activated for your webbler solution, and the choice will depend on what you want to achieve with your website.

Image Library
The Image Library is a powerful tool to organise images in your website. Every image can have a thumbnail and a large image and you can organise your images with extra information. Grouping your images in categories will allow you to find images more quickly. Once you have populated your Image Library with images, you can use the images in your webpages. In contrast to the normal "Image" element for pages, images from the Image Library can be used anywhere in the text of your webpages. This is done with some special code, or "placeholders" that identify the location where you want the image to appear.

Advanced Menu
The advanced menu is a powerful and flexible system to create menus on your website. It uses Dynamic HTML that is automatically generated from the webbler system. Once you have created a Menu, you can re-use it anywhere on your site.

List of Items
This is an sophisticated and extremely powerful plugin. It allows you to define a list of any kind of Items. For each Item in the list you are able to specify the elements and template, similar to the creation of Documents in sections. The number of items in a list is unlimited. Once you have set up a list, you can continue to add items to it over time.

Common Lists of Items are:

  • Attachments. You can present a list of downloadable documents to the users of your website.
  • News Items. If you want latest news features on your pages.
  • Links. Many websites have a long list of other websites, that related to the site, or are categorised by topic. Using the List of Items to organise your links will allow easy updating, while maintaining a clear way to display the links.

Random Items

Random Items is a variation on the List of Items. Here you can choose to display one out of many of a list you have set up. This is an interesting way to make your pages include, for example, an interesting fact that rotates through a long list of interesting facts.

The calendar plugin allows you to add dates and times to your pages. This can be used to display the content of your webpages depending on the day that a user looks at it. You can tell a page to display pages that have a calendar entry for today or this week. This will then display the correct page depending on the actual time the user views it. If your pages have a list of events related to it, it can also display the entire list of events. This can be used for websites where events require more information than can be included in the Diary.

Related Links
This is another advanced feature. The Related Links plugin provides an easy editing tool for links to any other page in the site, or to any other web page on the internet.

Bulletin Boards
Adding discussion forums to your website allows your users to discuss topics of interest. You will be able to receive every posting by email so you can monitor the content, and you can take messages off the site, if they are inappropriate.

If you have many events happening in your organisation, the Diary is the perfect way to list these in an organised and well presented manner. The Diary is searchable, and allows many different views, by month, by week, by day and by event.

The webbler shop enables you to add a fully functional shopping basket system to your website. You will be able to add products to the shop that are organised by categories and sub categories. Users are able to browse your products, add them to their shopping basket and pay for them in the checkout. For every order you will receive an email alerting you of the fact that an order has been placed, and you can collect the order details in the administrative area of the webbler. Thsi includes payment details and not only issues receipts but can also deliver delivery schedules.

Advanced Mailing Lists
The advanced Mailinglists implement a Customer Relationship Management system, that is essential for building a captive audience for your website. You can create forms that request information from your users and allow them to sign up to lists of topics of interest. The Advanced Mailinglist plugin is an integrated version of PHPlist into the webbler. PHPlist has been developed by tincan, and has been opensourced.

Email Set-up & Configuration
The email plugin allows you to configure email (POP) addresses on your domain. You are in full control of the email addresse you want to use. Apart from email addresses, it also allows you to create simple mailinglists, auto responders and email aliases.

With the webmail plugin you can read your email from within the webbler and in your browser. This is ideal when you travel a lot, because you will always be able to read your email, wherever you are (eg cybercafe).

The search plugin adds a search system to your website. Users are able to enter text and find any document on your website that has the text somewhere in the page. Documents are marked as more relevant if the text appears more often.

Keyword Search
In contrast to the normal search, which allows a user to search free text, the keyword search is a tool to guide your users through your site using pre-defined keywords. The keywords can be organised in many different topics and are presented as drop-down menus on your webpages. This is a more prescriptive and therefore more powerful method to organise the information on your website, and help your users to find it.

URL Mapping
As you can tell from this site, and from the demo of the webbler, the webpages in the webbler have a number and the URL (the website address) looks a bit strange. The URL mapping plugin allows you to make shortcuts to pages on your website that have a more presentable URL. For example if you have a "Press" section on your website, the URL mapping plugin allows you to create a url in the form http ://yourwebsiteaddress/press which will then bring up the correct page. This is particularly useful in combination with off-line publications like programmes and flyers, where you want people to find a page, without needing to go to the homepage of your website first.

This plugin will add graphical statistics to your website. It will deal with the unique URLs that the webbler uses and presents the page hits by document title, as found in the database of your website.

Based on the Information Architecture of your site, this plugin will add a list of Sections and Subsections to your website. This allows a one-page overview of the structure of your site and easy navigation for users.

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