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Once we have installed and configured our content management system for you, you are in full control of the content of your site and you will not need us to add and change content.

All our clients receive a username and password to enter the documentation section of our website. Many issues are discussed there and this will be a valuable resource to get the most out of your webbler solution.

We do offer additional support to varying degrees, to accommodate the differing needs of our clients. Depending on the in-house knowledge of your organisation you may want to use our support service.

Single Site Support levels

These support levels are aimed at clients who control their own website, and have one or two people in charge of their website for the organisation. Your webbler is for your own organisation, and you want to be able to contact tincan. Your website is not entirely mission critical to your business, but you would like problems to be resolved fairly quickly.

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Corporate or Bulk Support levels

If your website is mission critical and any problems need to be detected and resolved immediately, this support level is for you. Design Agencies and ISPs, who have webblers for several of their clients will need or want these support levels in order to supply the best quality service possible to their clients.

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Host On Your Own Server support

If you have your own server(s) and you want to run the webbler on your server we can support you as well. We only support Linux servers running apache as the webserver. We are able to recommend good hosting deals. We have several ISPs we work with and have valuable experience of the performance of many of them.

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