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phplist : how to install


Installation instructions for PHPlist.

  • Take the archive file and unpack it in a temporary directory using "tar zxf phplist-x.y.z.tgz"
  • Move the contents of the directory "public_html" to your HTML area. (mv public_html/* ~/public_html)
  • You will probably want to password protect the "admin" directory in the lists directory, that's up to you. Check your webserver documentation. An example htaccess file for Apache is included
    (rename the "htaccess" file to ".htaccess").
  • Change the stuff in lists/config/config.php, you certainly will want to change the
    database location, username and password.
  • Use your browser to go to the admin index on your site (yoursite.com/lists/admin/)
    and choose the toplink (Initialise the database).
  • Choose the link "Configure Attributes" to identify the things you want to know from your
    users and the attributes that the system will offer you to make a selection on when sending messages.
  • Add some lists and you're up and running.

Sending messages

It's useful to make this automatic, so you don't need to think about it, but if that's not possible you can do it manually, by using the "Process Message Queue" link in the admin page.

If you want to automate it, you may want to use the perl script which you find in the cgi-bin directory. This script is still experimental, so use with care. Alternatively you can set up a cron script that calls the process queue page regularly. For example by using libwww-perl:

# GET http://username:password@yoursite.com /lists/

(all on one line)

If nothing needs doing, you will not receive reports, so it is safe to set this up.

You will probably want to edit the headers and footers as well, although we appreciate the use of the "powered-by" image and link.


If you installed a version before, read the file UPGRADE before continuing.

Upgrade has simplified dramatically. Just click the Upgrade link, and follow the steps.

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