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PHPlist is licensed under the GPL. Please make sure that you understand this license before downloading.

If you use it, it would be great if you let us know. Send an email to with your name and the URL where you use it, and we will add you to the list of site using PHPlist.


The author of this system is Michiel Dethmers, . Tincan develops bespoke dynamic websites. Clients include the National Theatre, and CancerBACUP. If you have any questions, about this system, or about other projects, don't hesitate to contact us. If you have suggestions for new features, please check the TODO file first before mailing us. We have a lot of ideas how to improve it. If your idea is not listed in the TODO file, please let us know.


Download via HTTP. Choose the file with the highest number. I have automated uploading of new versions (to make my life easier), so I don't always update this website with new versions, but they should automatically appear in the files directory.

If you use PHPlist you are responsible for making sure that the users you add to your system actually want to receive emails from you. Please note that it is illegal in many countries to send unsolicited email (SPAM). Tincan will support any attempts to trace violations of this code of conduct.

After download it will be useful to subscribe to the announcements mailinglist to make sure you get to know about new updates and features.

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