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phplist : PHPlist support


PHPList is opensource software. This means you can download it for free, and use it for your own purposes. However, you are on your own. Please read all the accompanying documentation carefully and try to make things work by yourself.

Making changes
You are free to make changes to PHPlist to make it fit your needs more closely. However, if your changes are significant, it may be better to contact us, and tell us about the things you changed. If we think they are useful changes, we will add them to PHPlist and you will not have any problems upgrading when a new version of PHPlist is released.

To respect the huge amount of time that has gone into developing PHPlist, we simply ask not to take out the image on the public pages or the signature of the emails. Keeping them in will benefit the propagation of PHPlist around the internet which will encourage us to continue to develop and support PHPlist.

If you want the quick instructions how to install PHPlist click here

If you have questions about PHPlist, please use the phplist-users mailinglists to get an answer. The mailinglist archives may be of help as well.

If you want to discuss issues around PHPlist with other users you can use the Forums. We cannot guarantee that we will read these all the times ourselves, so if you want the developers to read your message, the mailinglists will be a better method.

If you want commercial support with installing PHPlist and configuring it, you can contact tincan. Please note, any email to Tincan that doesn't clearly state that you are prepared to pay will be ignored. We receive too many requests that need to be posted to either the mailinglist or the forums, and we cannot keep telling people to go there.

If you want us to do an installation on a remote server, we will need to know the FTP details (server, username, password) and the Mysql details (database, username, password). You can send these via email or fax.

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