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webbler : what is the webbler


The webbler is a Content Management System. It will save you and your organisation time and resources and it will allow you to provide greater value for money. This will give you a greater capacity to deliver client and membership support.

Once installed and configured you are in full control of the content of your site and you will not need us, or any other website experts to add and change the content of your website.

This powerful system allows you to carry out a large variety of different tasks - from adding documents, images, menus and bulletin boards, to assigning different templates to different areas of a site, and only allowing certain people into those areas (ie - members) - it is designed to be intuitive even without training.

The webbler can be used in many different situations. As common with content management systems, there is always some tailoring necessary, but a lot of tailoring in the webbler can be done after installation.

Please check out the solutions overview page to see where your situation fits in.

For more information on how to get a webbler for your website, please Contact Us.

go straight to the solutions page, to find where your situation fits in, and how the webbler can benefit you.

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