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inside : the crew


Name: Ben

Roles & responsibilities: design, production, information architecture, project management

How Ben got here: Wandered in one day and never left

tincan is ... : A great big onion

Good luck: Being rescued from drowning whilst innocently and nonchalantly standing at the bottom of the deep end of a swimming pool as a child - Leaving the hell of school - Drumming and cross-dressing throughout Europe - All the stunning, funny, creative people I've met on this continent and others...

Bad luck: Not being born with a natural singing voice - Not taking that left turn at Albekerkee - Missing the point (occasionally)

Likes: Soya mango milkshakes, sunshine, deserts and desserts, silly costumes, full-power samba, standing on my head, and those little chewing-gum balls at the bottom of those ice-creams (not that I eat them now I'm vegan!)

Dislikes: Not being able to get to those little chewing gum balls ! - any climate that isn't sub-tropical - all gameshows and popular TV culture nonsense - anyone, anywhere involved directly or indirectly with processes which poison and pollute the planet and its inhabitants

Name: Bradley

Roles & Responsibilities: Bookeeper

How Bradley got here: Whilst trying to sell Brian a mobile phone Bradley mentioned that he also kept books - taking this to mean that he was a bookeeper, tincan employed him 6 months later. It has only come to light recently that Bradley is in fact a librarian.

tincan is ... : A good excuse to get out of the house.

Good luck: Meeting tincan.

Bad luck: Meeting tincan

Likes: Healthy food, the Bible.

Dislikes: Robert Mugabe.

Name: Brian

Roles & Responsibilities: Project management, strategy, design, creative direction, client development

How Brian got here: Brian teamed up with Michiel in Sept 2000.

The initial strategy then as now was to foster a close knit team, where individuals are best contributing when challenging and expressing themselves. Added to this is a strong sense of ethical direction that has been a cornerstone to tincan's development.

A degree in Third World Studies and Social Policy through to his involvement in the creation and development of an early online campaign website (McSpotlight) as well as a 2 year stint with Amnesty International Secretariat's web team are the signposts to Brian's beliefs and direction.

tincan is ... : An opportunity

Good luck: Geraldine, Biddy, Finn, passing through London Fields in 1998, knowing so many wonderful and special people and Sol.

Bad luck: Having an in-grown toenail removed the week of the semi-finals of the All-Ireland Colleges Gaelic Football Intermediatte game - Brian (15 at the time) was sidelined and never played the role that would have seen St Jarlaths' through to the All-Ireland and he the first cockney rebel to grace the playing fields of Croke Park in an All Ireland.

Likes: Making loud noises, Gaelic sports, morning dew, Delroy Wilson, football/ Spurs, advocado, falling off his surfboard

Dislikes: Golf, mainstream corporate sponsored biased magnate controlled media, the gene that makes Brian support a great big corporate and corporater sponsored club like Spurs, porridge, falling off his board, manufactured consent

Name: Helena

Roles & Responsibilities: Whatever tincan sees fit to throw at me - project management, maintenance, client liaison

How Helena got here: By saying yes to a crazy but great idea to make a campaign website

tincan is ... : Friendship, a way of keeping me on my toes, innovation, adhering to beliefs, silly

Good luck: Going to a university that I hadn't intended to go to

Bad luck: Don't think anything bad has ever happened to me, so blessed am I!! ok, ok, not being tall enough to be a model

Likes: Flying my kite, speaking welsh, singing (badly!), dancing to groovy music, living in wales, that sunshine feeling, sweeties

Dislikes: People being judgemental, intolerance, george bush, cities, small talk

Name: Michiel

Roles & Responsibilities: Anything I can think of that seems useful to do (which on the whole is often too much). Problem solving, although problems don't exist, challenges do.

How Michiel got here: While trying to start an everlasting journey around the world, got stuck in East London, and never left ...

tincan is ... : The perfect platform for creative expression and exploration

Good luck: Getting stuck in London, with Marcela and Ansel. Having travelled to around 50 countries and experienced many different cultures.

Bad luck: Not (yet) having managed to get any further geographically. Never managed to become famous playing in a band.

Likes: Going swimming with Ansel, discovering unknown (to me) societies and peoples and learning from their way of living, playing the piano while singing Paul Simon songs badly, tackling challenges

Dislikes: Xenophobes, particularly the ones that are not aware that they are

Name: Sean

Roles & Responsibilities:
Programming, Systems Administration, HTML, CSS, Web Accesibility

How Sean got here:
Played with computers as a child in the early years of the home computer, built my first PC, installed Gnu/Linux
got a job for okupi a new media company, rode the dot-com bubble and moved to tincan just before the bubble burst.
tincan is ... :
An interesting fusion of capitalism, anarchy and social consience.

Good luck:
Landing safely on my feet after falling from a ledge while potholing.

Bad luck:
Landing on my arm once when I fell of my bike.

Cycling, programming, talking, thinking, eating ....

Conforminty, oppression, static elictricity...

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