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phplist : configure PHPlist


How to configure PHPlist once it is installed.

To configure PHPlist to your needs and requirements, there are initially three pages to use:

- configure phplist
- configure attributes
- configure subscribe pages

Configure PHPlist

This page allows you to change a lot of elements that PHPlist uses. Key ones are the location (URL) of your installation, and the email domain that should be used to send messages out. All of the elements have clear descriptions, that explain what they do.

To personalise your installation, you will want to edit the "pageheader" and "pagefooter" elements that determine the way the pages look that a user will see.

Configure Attributes

Attributes are the pieces of information you want to know from the users who sign up to your lists. You can make as many as you like. All attributes are of a certain type that determines how they will be displayed in the subscribe page.

The types are:
- textline, a simple line of text to enter
- checkbox, some text with a checkbox next to it
- checkboxgroup, a few choices with checkboxes next to it
- radio, a few choices with radio buttons next to it
- select, a drop down field with multiple choices
- hidden, a hidden field that cannot be changed by the user

Each of the attributes can have the following values:

- Name: the text displayed next to the field
- Type: one of the types listed above
- Default value: the initial value when a user sees the subscribe page for the first time.
- Order or listing: the relative order in which the attributes are listed. Attributes will be displayed in the subscribe page in the order you identify here.
- Required: does PHPlist need to force the user to enter a value for this attribute.

If you create an attribute with type radio, checkboxgroup or select you will get a new menu item in your admin pages with the name of your attribute. This will allow you to enter the possible values for this attribute.

Configure subscribe pages

This page allows you to create multiple pages that can be used to subscribe users to your lists. You can create any combination of lists and attributes and you can determine new default values, requiredness and order for the attributes. You can also add new headers and footers, and change the message that users receive when they sign up.

By default it will take your existing header, footer and messages, and not select any attributes or lists.

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