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phplist : tips and tricks


Some features of PHPlist you may not be aware of.

- When you import users from a speadsheet and the columns contain the attributes for your users, the attributes are created automatically and the values for the users are added automatically to the attributes. If you then go back to your attributes and find that some values are incorrect, or the same but spelled differently, you can clean up your database by deleting attribute values. If an attribute value is used by a user, you will get an error stating this fact, but you can then replace the value with a different one.

For example:

You import two users, one with Country UK and the other with Country United Kingdom.

If the attribute "Country" did not exist, PHPlist will create it as a "textline" attribute. If it did exist, for example as a select, PHPlist will add "UK" and "United Kingdom" to the list of values for Country.

If you then decide that you don't like both entries to be part of your system, you can click delete next to "UK" and PHPlist will prompt you that you cannot do this, because a user has this value. However you can then choose to change all instances of "UK" into "United Kingdom" and your database will be updated accordingly.

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