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phplist : System requirements


System requirements for PHPlist.

PHPlist is mainly developed with the following system configuration in mind, although it has been reported to run on other systems:

* A Linux Server
* Apache Webserver
* PHP version 4.3.x (or higher)
* Mysql database server (version 3.23 or up)

However users have reported using Microsoft IIS. If you are looking for IIS tips, try the forums. It is likely that PHPlist runs with older versions of PHP, but it is not recommended.

It is recommended to add IMAP support to your PHP installation.

PHPlist now also incorporates ADOdb which should make it more likely to run on other database than Mysql, but this has not been tested by the developers, and we have not received many reports about it yet.

As for the MTA (Mail Transfer Agent), the developers use Qmail, but there should not be any MTA dependency for PHPlist, provided sending mail from PHP works on your system.

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