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in the can : what are we up to

  Entry by: brian
Posted on: 3 October 2002

Latest ups and doings from inside the can include tincan go to pro-peace demo

Previous highlights:Brian skiving off worknews of Sean's return to school - ahhhh.our first ever diarycan entry

Why?We thought it might be interesting to keep a sort of journal of our inner workings, goings and comings and general internal tincan doings - in essence a tincan diary or as we don't call it our diarycan.

Hopefully it will give an added flavour to what we and tincan are about.

This diarycan will not be maintained on a daily basis - more as and when we have time and something to actually say!

There will obviously be some cross-over between the diarycan and Latest News. So, for gossip stay here, for latest company developments, work and projects visit Latest News.

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