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latest news : the latest news from tincan

  Posted on: 14 April 2004

Most recent news that has been canned:

  • National Theatre Logo - small
    Online sales continue to soar. Records are set for the National Theatre as online ticket sales overtake offline sales in terms of both value and number of tickets sold.

  • Thumbnail - Jerwood screenshot
    Jerwood. Working with both a design (Flark.net) and communication agency (NavyBlue) we are a partner in delivering the technical solution for the Jerwood Trust.

Soon to be in the can:

  • Y Care International logo - Thumbnail
    Y Care International: Y Care International are the international development agency of the YMCA movement. We have won the tender to redesign, rehost and reproduce the YCare International website.

  • Thumbnail - Digistor screenshot
    Digistor: The Digistor e-commerce website nears completion. It will sell digital camera equipment and accessories with special online reductions and user offers.

  • Thumbnail - LAB screenshot
    LAB: We're going to be updating several aspects of the LAB website including the homepage, shop and the overall design.

  • LDW screenshot - thumbnail
    LDW: This year we'll be extending the period to 3 weeks and adding a host of new functionality that builds upon the democracy theme.

  • ... more

Previously in the can:

  • Thumbnail : National Theatre : Homepage
    Talkback is relaunched on the National Theatre site. It marks the completion of the webbler and PHPList being integrated and the first steps in the MyNt project.

  • Spanner Films HP Screenshot
    spannerfilms relaunches itself now powered by the webbler. The site has a new online shop, pay-per-view and donate functionality. It is launching the night their latest documentary - Drowned Out - gets its first terrestial broadcast in the US on PBS. Estimated viewing figures: 36 million!

  • JMP homepage
    Journeyman Pictures website relaunched
    JMP are London's leading independent distributor of topical news features, documentaries and footage. We have converted their old website to work with the webbler. The site is fully integrated with Worldpay, an online payment provider.

    Aztecs Exhibition logo
  • Aztecs Exhibition
    The Royal Academy's Aztec multi-lingual minisite is powered by the webbler

Working with clients is a rewarding experience, one that brings with it learning and unexpected outcomes as well as, we hope and expect, the envisaged success and achievements.

We believe that sharing these experiences gives an insight into the breadth of tincan's work and the way in which tincan achieves the delivery of projects on-budget, on-time and on-spec.

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