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webbler solutions : overview


Creating a website that runs of the webbler has several stages:

  1. design, how will it look
  2. information architecture, where the information will be displayed
  3. choice of webbler solution, what elements of the webbler or plugins are required to manage the website
  4. setup of webbler
  5. implementation of the graphic design and implementation of information architecture
  6. addition of the content, text, graphics and other content
  7. maintenance and provision of the system and website

Although Tincan can deliver all or any of these stages, a pick and mix selection could meet immediate business needs, whilst retaining the ability to expand later.

All In Solution This is the solution where tincan will deliver every stage in the process to build a website. We have created websites for a wide range of clients including the National Theatre, War on Want and Leonard Cheshire. (see our portfolio and case studies). more >>

Design Agency Solution This solution is aimed at design agencies who have their own client list, and want to use the webbler for some or all of them. In effect the agency will be using tincan mainly as a technical solution provider and keep control of the content and design of the websites of their clients. more >>

Upgrade From HTML Solution If you have a website and are pleased with how it looks, but realise that updating your website is a bit of a struggle, this solution is the one for you. We will take your site as it stands and turn it into an webbler version. You will save money because there is no need to redesign, but you will benefit from the ease of use and maintenance of your site, once it has been turned into an webbler. more >>

ISP Solution If you are an ISP and you want to offer your clients advanced hosting features, the webbler is a cost effective and user friendly choice. It has been developed to accomodate easy maintenance for large amounts of websites. Contact Us for more details. more >>

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