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The webbler and the manner in which we provide it offers you an affordable and sustainable approach to achieving a powerful website solution. It will allow you to have an effective online presence quickly deployed. With its in-built capacity and growing list of integrated features and plug-ins, you will be able to plan for the future. The packages we offer allow you to explore and consider other uses for your website solution. You can expand your website solution, with new features and new tools. The webbler also offers the capacity for becoming a workplace tool as well as a website solution.

A list of functions the webbler is capable of are outlined below. These are standard features that come with your webbler. In addition you can choose from many different plugins, which are listed on the advanced features page.

Content Changes
You will be able to edit any element of your website which is designed to be edited. The process is very straightforward: call up the relevant page, edit the content and click "Publish" and your website has been updated. Once you are logged in to the webbler as an editor, you can simply browse your own site, and click on the edit links below the elements in the page, to update that specific element of the page.

Information Architecture Changes
The webbler gives you total flexibility in the content structure and design of your website. A list of core elements for documents can be found below.

Template Control
Templates can be assigned to documents and sections in multiple levels. This can range from site wide templates that apply to every single page in the website, to single page templates that only apply to one particular webpage.

Text you upload into the fields of your documents will automatically be formatted. Links to other websites and email addresses will be made clickable, and paragraphs and line breaks will automatically be inserted where necessary. This will make your documents easier to read and edit, without having to wade through large parts of HTML.

Search & Replace
In the webbler you can search for documents that contain a word or phrase. This facilitates having to handle large amounts of documents. You can also do a global search and replace.

Keyword Libraries
You can set up libraries of keywords that can be used throughout the site. These libraries can be used for many different purposes. Examples are a list of countries in the world, or a list of most common metatags you want to be able to add to your documents.

Password Protection
You can block off any section of your site to be only accessible to users who know a username and password. It is possible to make one section available to one group of users and another section to another group of users. Users who belong to both groups will not have to login twice to enter the next area.

For additional features that can be added to your webbler solution, check out the advanced features.

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