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services : overview


tincan aims to be a leader in technically excellent and innovative solutions.We use a wide range of tools available in the opensource arena. We aim to deliver services and products that we are both proud of as well confident in their suitability to meet changing clients' needs.

The core of our work and the core of our services and products revolves around the webbler and we offer a wide range of packages to suit your needs.

Apart from our webbler solutions we offer other services that are not webbler, CMS or even necessarily website related.

We prefer to call it provision, because it includes much more than just a place to drop some files, which is what most other companies offer you.

Rich Media Content
If you want to liven up your site with flash, video, animations or sound, we can develop this for you.

We have an extensive experience in designing websites. Our websites do not only look good, they also work on older browsers and text readers.

Bespoke software development
If you have specific functionality requirements, we can develop the software for you. This can be either as a plugin of the webbler, or completely standalone.

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