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So, what are the features of the webbler as it stands now? Below is a table that outlines the features and functionality of the webbler and the elements included in the Standard Provision package.

If you are looking for details, check out the core features and advanced features from the menu on the right.

Standard Provision
  Core Plug-In Hosting
Content Changes ¤   
Add Image ¤   
Add Images  ¤ 
Attach Document ¤  
Attachment List  ¤ 
Auto-formatting ¤  
Edit Information Architecture ¤  
Related Links  ¤ 
Form Handling ¤  
Form Designer (v.1)  ¤ 
Password Protection ¤  
User Management ¤  
Registration ¤  
Dynamic Menus ¤  
Advanced Dynamic Menus  ¤ 
BBS  ¤ 
Diary  ¤ 
Shop  ¤ 
Advanced Mailing List  ¤ 
Email Set-up & Configuration   ¤
FTP   ¤
Browser Detection ¤  
Global Formatting  ¤ 
Search & Replace  ¤ 
Search: Simple ¤  
Template Control ¤  
URL Mapping  ¤ 
Statistics   ¤
Backups   ¤
Monitoring   ¤
Keyword Library ¤  
Meta-Data Library ¤  

Below is a glossary to the above table of terms
Term Description
Add Image Your ability to add an image to a page in a fixed position. With or without a caption box.
Add Images Your ability to add a series of inline images to a page. In this way you have greater control over placement.
Advanced Dynamic Menus Global menus in the site that work with Javascript and DHTML.
Advanced Mailing List An Advanced Mailing list being available as part of your solution – see the next document for feature review.
Attach Document Your ability to attach a single downloadable document to a specific page.
Attachment List Your ability to add unlimited attached documents to a page.
Auto-formatting Functionality whereby URLs and Email addresses are automatically turned into dynamic links once they are inputted in the webbler.
Backups Backing-up all data from your account.
BBS An integrated Bulletin Board System being available as part of your solution – see the next document for feature review.
Browser Detection The webblers ability to detect a users browser and then deliver content accordingly. This means greater consistency between browsers in what a user sees.
Content Changes Your ability to add, edit and delete content (text, images, attachments etc) from your site through the webbler using a standard web browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer.
Diary An integrated Diary and Calendar being available as part of your solution – see the next document for feature review.
Dynamic Menus Your ability to add and control dynamic menus (navigation links) on your site so as to assist a users journey through your site.
Edit Information Architecture Your ability to add, edit and delete sections of your site.
Email Set-up & Configuration Your ability to set-up and configure email on your account for the domain associated with your web site solution.
Form Designer Your ability to design and insert forms onto specific pages of your site.
Form Handling Your ability to add forms to your pages, which will be handled automatically by the system
FTP Your ability to FTP (File Transfer Protocol) into your account.
Global Formatting Your ability to identify elements that need site-wide consistency. For example, every instance of Your Organisation as a word on the site might need to be in italics – Your Organisation. This feature lets you achieve this.
Keyword Library This provides an accumulated search facility whereby you can assign a document to a series of categories. As such a user can easily retrieve all documents on an given category or series of categories.
Help/ FAQ VCP Your ability online to look-up feature, solution and how-to information concerning the webbler and your account.
Meta-Data Library Your ability to manage a keyword library where you can select from for use on specific pages and/ or branches. This is designed as a means of improving search engine/ portal rankings as well as providing greater relevancy to pages in general.
Monitoring Our monitoring of your account and alerting you of any downtime.
Multi-viewing Options Your ability to have more than one viewing option for the same document. A practical use of this would be having two templates for the same page – one being the fully designed and branded template the other a text-only template.
Password Protection Your ability to control access to any section of the website. Multiple sections can be accessible to multiple groups of users of your site.
Related Links Your ability to create a list of links on a page to any web page on the internet.
Registration So that users can sign-up and become ‘members’ of your site.
Scheduling Ability to schedule the time and date of a documents publication.
Search A simple search being deployed in the front-end of the site.
Search & Replace Site-wide ability to search and replace terms. For example, you may wish to change WWF to World Wrestling Federation for the purpose of clarity.
Shop The webbler Shop. This is a unique Plug-In and carries with it its own process and costing. Please contact us for further information.
Statistics Provision of online statistics for your site.
Template Control Your ability to insert and change templates for use across the entire site, for specific sections or on specific pages.
Uploader Work Log Allows you to see who carry out what work (edits, additions, deletions) and when.
URL Mapping Your site having more user and print friendly URLs.

For example instead of: www.yoursite.info/section.php?s=5

You can use: www.yoursite.info/news

User Management Your ability to add, modify and delete users of the website. Users can be members of groups, and groups can have access to sections of the site.
User Participation – Edit Your Page A users ability to edit a given page/ series of pages according to their profile.
Issue Control Ability to more effectively publish online an offline publication. This feature would control
Workflow Allows you control workflow so that any work needs to be approved before being published.

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