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phplist : phplist features


  • Posting to the mailinglist is via a webpage. It is therefore a one-way announcements system, directed from you to your audience.
  • It is designed to be able to deal with a very large amount of email addresses. If a sending fails halfway, the next process for sending simply continues where it left off, without duplicating emails to users.
  • Users can sign up to multiple lists. If a message is sent to multiple lists, they will only receive one copy of the email and not as many as the number of lists they are subscribed to.
  • Attributes. You can specify information you want to get from users when they sign up. When sending a message, you can use this information to select the users that need to receive the message. For example you can add geographical information. When people sign up, they can identify the geographical location they're in and when sending an email you can determine which locations need to receive the message.
  • Personalisation. You can use the attributes you define in the emails you send, to make every email personal to the user who receives them.
  • PHPlist now supports HTML emails. If a user indicates they want HTML email they can receive it that way. If unknown the system has a bias to send text emails to users.
  • Multiple List managers. One Super user can assign lists to multiple list managers, who can control their own pool of users and lists. The Super user can "prepare" messages that can be chosen by list managers to send to any of the lists they control.
  • Easy import and export. Use TAB delimited files to import your existing list of users or to export the users on the PHPlist system for use in your in-house database.
  • Personal Details. Every email a user receives will contain a personalised URL to update the users' preferences. This way your users can update their own information and your database is always up-to-date.
  • Easy install. Just copy the files to your website folder, tell the login details of the SQL database and it's done.

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