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Tourism & Travel Wed , 26 Oct 2005 Tehran Local Time :

Bird Flu Canceled Hunting in Isfahan
The Department of Environment of Isfahan has forbidden bird hunting for fear of bird flu spread.
Numerous Agencies, Few Tourists, What’s the Problem? Germans, No.1 Tourists Arriving in Iran
Despite the high number of travel agencies active in Iran, the low number of incoming tourists is proof of their inefficiency. Germans have been the number one group flocking into Iran during the year’s first season for receiving incoming tourists.
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Iran Teaches Arabs to Ski
Lodgings for Burnt City Historical Site
7-day Visa Facilitates Tourism Entry to Iran
WTO Praises Iran on Promoting tourism
12 Economic Sister Cities for Tehran
$5 Billion Proposal for Imam Reza Shrine
Iran Searching for Tourists in Tunisia
Other News
Caribbean Fears Storms Will Hurt Tourism
Caribbean tourism officials are worried this year's record-breaking Atlantic hurricane season could scare away visitors who may falsely believe the entire region has been affected by the flurry of storms.
Tourism Opens Gate for China, ASEAN Cultural Exchanges
China and ASEAN are extending their cooperation in the field of culture, and the ongoing second China-ASEAN expo discloses that tourism is the key to opening this gate.
Using Sports and Tourism to Eliminate Poverty
Using sports and tourism to help the poor support themselves might sound novel, but it's a campaign being driven along by South Korean Tourism and Sports Ambassador Dho Young-shim.
Korean Air Signs $200 Million Aerospace Deal with Boeing
Korean Air has signed a $200 million contract with The Boeing Company to manufacture wingtips for the 787 Dreamliner aircraft.
AirTran Airways Becomes Fastest Airline in History to Reach Milestone of 100 Planes
AirTran Airways today celebrated the addition of the company's 100th aircraft into the airline's fleet.
European Tourism Communications Should Adapt to New Circumstances
WTO TOURCOM highlighted the need for both ‘new’ and established destinations in Europe to adapt their media relations to a changing scenario.
Wilma Forces Caribbean Tourists to Flee
Hurricane Wilma has forced tourists to flee as it threatened to slam into Cancun and southern Florida.