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! Armored Cars ! (Automotive) join
This tribe is devoted to wheeled armored vehicles - armored personnel carriers, armored vans, arm...
36 members - created June 3, 2004, led by Clay

! Escape from SF rideshare< (SF Bay Area - Automotive) join
Here's the idea... If you're going into SF from the East Bay, South Bay, or North Bay and will h...
27 members - created November 3, 2003, led by (user is online now) .MT™

***< STREET BIKES >*** (Automotive) join
This is a tribe for crazy bikers only ! If you're into speed,wheelies and etc.. JOIN NOW!!!!
92 members - created April 19, 2004, led by ron

*Urban Legend Design and Manufacturing* (SF Bay Area - Automotive) join
I've got a penchant for being a jerk. I'm thinking we can manufacture new urban legends and spre...
16 members - created August 11, 2005, led by Ξ Þ µ ß ¥ @

- Alternative Fuel Vehicles (Automotive) join
A tribe dedicated to daily actions of manifestation that brings fruition to the Alternative Fuel...
383 members - created February 5, 2004, led by (user is online now) Trust aka Andrew

- BIMMERS - (Automotive) join
Nothing but BMW talk and chat.
132 members - created September 17, 2003, led by Boris

1/32 Slotcar Racing (Automotive) join
This is the place for 1/32 scale slotcar racing.(Thats it so far!)
15 members - created March 17, 2004, led by my mind skips!!!

101 Junk (Automotive) join
Can you believe all of the crap that gets left on the highway? In particular on US 101. I have se...
10 members - created October 24, 2003, led by (user is online now) Paul

1996 Chevy Impala SS (Automotive) join
for those of you who know how hot this car is...
6 members - created January 9, 2004, led by zalbee

2 Strokes (Automotive) join
For those who whiz around town on their buzzy motors or those who love them
28 members - created February 3, 2004, led by Tracey

240sx (Automotive) join
All things 240sx, Silvia (200sx), and 180sx...
13 members - created January 10, 2004, led by deks

4444444444 (Automotive) join
1 member - created February 28, 2004, led by lynn88

4x4 Southern California (Los Angeles - Automotive) join
Meet new friends to 4x4 with in So Cal! Evenings by the campfire enjoying good times and good dr...
5 members - created October 4, 2005, led by plant

4x4Suzuki Samurai (Automotive) join
All welcome!!!
8 members - created November 3, 2003, led by Stratis

50's Fords (Automotive) join
A discussion board for drivers or enthusiasts of 1950-1959 Ford Cars.
9 members - created June 14, 2004, led by Luke

60's Muscle (Los Angeles - Automotive) join
Here is a Tribe where Meatheads and Gearheads can converge to discuss the intimate inner workings...
6 members - created April 7, 2005, led by cutty1

60's Muscle (Cars) (Los Angeles - Automotive) join
Here is a Tribe where Meatheads and Gearheads can converge to discuss the intimate inner workings...
2 members - created April 7, 2005, led by cutty1

73-87 Chevy Trucks (California - Automotive) join
Do you own or want to own a 1973-1987? "Its a Chevy, we can rebuild it!"
13 members - created January 26, 2005, led by Stan

914 Fanatics (Automotive) join
For the Porsche 914 enthusiast.
11 members - created February 7, 2004, led by Austin

:(diesel_into_vegetable oil:) (New York - Automotive) join
Learn to Modify fuel lines, coolant systems, and pumps to use vegetable oil as the fuel for your...
13 members - created September 29, 2005, led by Jeremy

>> Compact Cars' Planet (Netherlands - Automotive) join
Sweet and sexy they are: small cars or bubble cars. *Real* but small cars like the Fiat 500, the...
7 members - created June 16, 2005, led by Joli(e)

>> Microcars' and Minicars' world (Netherlands - Automotive) join
I can't believe there isn't a tribe for Vespacars, Microcars and Scootercars yet! Isn't it grea...
6 members - created June 15, 2005, led by Joli(e)

>> The Vespacar planet - of the 'apes' (Netherlands - Automotive) join
Just in case there are more people with vespacars than expected... There is now a separate Vespac...
3 members - created June 16, 2005, led by Joli(e)

A (Automotive) join
1 member - created December 17, 2003, led by Roger

Acura & Honda (California - Automotive) join
my 1st Import!!!!!!!!
8 members - created February 11, 2005, led by jack

Acura Club (Automotive) join
For those who enjoy the ownership and enhancement of Acura's
34 members - created October 2, 2003, led by dick

Adults Who Don't Drive Cars (Houston - Automotive) join
A tribe for folks who don't drive.
13 members - created March 2, 2005, led by Poopy

aircooledVW (Automotive) join
For enthusiasts of aircooled VW's, the lowest technology vehicle for the highest technology netwo...
83 members - created October 6, 2003, led by (user is online now) .MT™

ALFA ROMEO (Automotive) join
Alfa Romeo owners & Drivers Club share tuning tips, pics, buy/ sell/ trade parts. Italian artifa...
34 members - created October 4, 2003

Alternative Drag Racing (Portland - Automotive) join
Grassroots, Nostalgia and "Street" (legal?) activity focused upon, but not limited to,...
2 members - created October 25, 2005, led by (user is online now) Philip

Alternative Fuel Cars (Seattle - Automotive) join
Hummer owners need not apply.
10 members - created May 3, 2005, led by Andrew

American Chopper (Automotive) join
For the fans and detractors of the "American Choppers" Discovery TV series.
175 members - created February 29, 2004, led by Anca

AMERICAN MUSCLE CARS (Automotive) join
for peaple that say IMPORTS LEAVE THE USA
125 members - created January 30, 2004, led by Jerald

ART CARS!!!!! (Automotive) join
For those who make 'em and those who love 'em!
577 members - created August 1, 2003, led by SugarBunni

asdf (Automotive) join
1 member - created August 17, 2004, led by Peter

AstonMartin (Automotive) join
All things Aston Martin
4 members - created May 27, 2004, led by Fiziks

Audi (Automotive) join
Superior Audi Cars
83 members - created August 1, 2003

Auto Club for Benz and Bmw (Automotive) join
Tribe if you like Mercedes and Bmw, this tribe is for you.
32 members - created September 9, 2003, led by Triston

auto graphics (Automotive) join
you know, auto graphics - imports/classic/cycles/rapid transit/aero-vehicles/etc.
6 members - created October 10, 2003, led by Dylan

Auto Racing (Automotive) join
The need for speed.
109 members - created October 26, 2003, led by Tom

Auto Repair Exchange (Automotive) join
I know we all know everything there is to know about cars. But, once in a while, amazingly, even...
116 members - created December 7, 2003

autocrossers (Las Vegas - Automotive) join
Autocross threads
3 members - created April 28, 2005, led by MsJean

Automotive (Automotive) join
Automotive Talk.
3 members - created July 21, 2004, led by (user is online now) Richard

Automotive Technology (Toronto - Automotive) join
all about the Automotive Industry, trends,innovation,news,links,contacts,engineering,marketing,bu...
3 members - created March 15, 2005, led by juan

Avalanche (Automotive) join
Club for people who own or want to own a Chevy Avalanche. There are already thousands of members...
4 members - created September 9, 2003, led by Douglas

Bay Area Harley Riders (Automotive) join
A place for San Francisco Bay area Harley riders to get together.
19 members - created May 21, 2004, led by Mark

Beater Cars (Automotive) join
This is a tribe for people who own and love their beat up,barely running, impossible to get parts...
44 members - created February 24, 2004, led by (user is online now) Kimric

Bentley™ (Toronto - Automotive) join
Bentley Motors Limited is a British based manufacturer of luxury automobiles and Grand Tourers. B...
1 member - created October 18, 2005, led by Peter™

Benz W123D (Automotive) join
A tribe dedicated to the beloved loud, slow, tank-assed diesel Mercedes Benz W123D series - 240d,...
43 members - created August 19, 2003, led by David

Bicycle! (Automotive) join
Why waste your hard earned cash paying for gasoline, when you can use your own energy?! PUT THE F...
431 members - created November 1, 2003, led by (user is online now) Christophe
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