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! Fun at Work :)!! (Los Angeles - Companies / Co-workers) join
This a place where people can come together and share positive experiences about life at work. I...
5 members - created June 30, 2005, led by Yessica

! furtographer's gallery (SF Bay Area - Companies / Co-workers) join
furtographer's Photographer Portfolio
5 members - created November 14, 2003, led by ƒ (moderated)

'modesters (Companies / Co-workers) join
'modesters unite!
4 members - created August 8, 2003, led by Kelly (moderated)

**Disgruntled Restaurant Workers** (Companies / Co-workers) join
This is a tribe where you can let off some steam, meet some fellow restaurant workers and, who kn...
132 members - created March 24, 2004, led by chris

*roche* (Companies / Co-workers) join
Everyone and anyone that works for Hoffman-LaRoche or any of it's affiliates. Hopefully those tha...
1 member - created February 6, 2004, led by Melissa

0foto (Companies / Co-workers) join
The tribe for Ofoto employees, former employees and anyone interested in Ofoto.
9 members - created October 4, 2003, led by Doug

724 (Companies / Co-workers) join
current and former employees of 724
2 members - created November 21, 2003, led by Randy

A New Hope (Companies / Co-workers) join
A group for former employees of LucasArts Entertainment (LEC).
2 members - created August 16, 2004, led by Robert (moderated)

a pissed off waiters society (Companies / Co-workers) join
A forum for Waiters, Busboys, bartenders, hosts or any service workers to tewll stories of the d...
38 members - created January 23, 2004, led by Coach

A Temple of Randal (Companies / Co-workers) join
Real-Life Friends: not just profiles I met online.
15 members - created January 13, 2004, led by ƒ (moderated)

Abercrombie & Fitch (Companies / Co-workers) join
A group where all the employees can unite and network, to talk about the clothes, the models, to...
222 members - created January 16, 2004, led by Geek in the Pink (moderated)

Accounting Dorks (Companies / Co-workers) join
For people who work in public accounting and like to bitch about it.
13 members - created January 21, 2004, led by JUSTIN

Addicted to Noise (Companies / Co-workers) join
for those who worked (for pay or for free) for the now-silent online music mag.
12 members - created August 18, 2003, led by aimee

Adrenaline Groupies (Companies / Co-workers) join
This is the tribe for all Adrenaline Group employees, friends, and family
10 members - created March 15, 2004, led by Wayne

Albertson's (Los Angeles - Companies / Co-workers) join
A place where the employee's of Albertson's can unite and have a say.
2 members - created October 1, 2004, led by Denise

Aldusian (Companies / Co-workers) join
Former employees of the former Aldus Corp. (now Adobe). Okay, current employees of Adobe who were...
2 members - created October 8, 2003, led by JoeF (moderated) (Companies / Co-workers) join
Meeting ground for all current and former employees.
9 members - created November 25, 2003, led by Jason

America Online (Companies / Co-workers) join

35 members - created August 6, 2003, led by Jeremy

American Red Cross (Companies / Co-workers) join
Spot to swap stories and ideas from various Chapters of the ARC. International input welcome as w...
9 members - created July 7, 2004, led by Marques

Ampex Alums (Companies / Co-workers) join
Ex-employees of Ampex Corporation of Redwood City, California and worldwide subsidiaries.
4 members - created August 18, 2003, led by Jim

Annuncio Lives (Companies / Co-workers) join
People who worked at Annuncio Software
4 members - created October 6, 2003, led by Papa Bear (moderated)

Apple (current attendees) (Companies / Co-workers) join
For current Apple employees to commiserate, er, celebrate, er, something.
3 members - created January 6, 2004, led by Jen

Apple alumni (Companies / Co-workers) join

99 members - created July 29, 2003, led by Sean

ATG (Companies / Co-workers) join
Employees and alumni of Art Technology Group.
2 members - created January 31, 2004, led by Will

Bain & Co. (Companies / Co-workers) join
For all current and former employees of Bain & Company
2 members - created September 16, 2003, led by Stuart

Barn Alumni (Companies / Co-workers) join
We were young...some of us were gay...and we all loved theatre! Share your Barn memories, connec...
4 members - created August 15, 2003, led by Karen (moderated)

Barnett Bank of Indian River County (Florida - Companies / Co-workers) join
Meet folks from your own work place.
0 members - created March 2, 2005

BEA (Companies / Co-workers) join
Current and former employees of BEA Systems.
5 members - created April 23, 2004, led by Steve

beacon (Companies / Co-workers) join
Tribesmen and women of (erstwhile?) Beacon software systems ltd, Madras. Feel free to invite othe...
1 member - created January 30, 2004, led by Columbia (moderated)

BearingPoint (formerly KPMG Consulting) (Companies / Co-workers) join
If you work at BearingPoint or used to work at KPMG Consulting please join this tribe. Discussion...
4 members - created October 30, 2003, led by Fishy

BeautiControl Spa and Skincare Products (San Diego - Companies / Co-workers) join
Fun, flexible, and easy! Work your own hours selling fabulous, affordable spa and skincare produc...
3 members - created May 2, 2005, led by Elizabeth

Beauticontrol/OMP (Companies / Co-workers) join
Make your profile OMP and check out my profile on there. Buy Beauticontrol from me. Skincare,make...
3 members - created September 11, 2003, led by chael

Bellottini (Companies / Co-workers) join
Given how little needs to be said about the qualites, talents, and charms of herself, we may focu...
12 members - created November 27, 2003

Bigstep (Companies / Co-workers) join
A tribe for all of us who worked or were involved in Bigstep.
2 members - created December 1, 2003, led by Tim

Biometrics (Companies / Co-workers) join
Hi! after Sept 11 desaster, biomtrics has become buzz word pls post your valuable resources here
1 member - created April 24, 2004, led by Pravin

Black Rock ******* (Companies / Co-workers) join
Whatever we may become… Here, a place to convene, our cyber trailer, or geodesic cocoon where...
108 members - created September 27, 2003, led by John

Blockbuster Video (Companies / Co-workers) join
A tribe for current and former emoloyees, and also customers of the "Rentailer" chain.
5 members - created May 27, 2004, led by Ryan

Blowin' Off Werk (Companies / Co-workers) join
Yeah thats right... entertian yourself at youre 9-5. Rant and rave about youre idiotic coworkers....
45 members - created January 12, 2004, led by PixelSlut // C.ontrast M.akes Y.ou K.ill

Bookpeople Alumni (Companies / Co-workers) join
A tribe for alumnae of the great business/social experiment that was Bookpeople. Because, &quo...;
18 members - created June 15, 2004, led by JDiego

Bored Young Professionals (Companies / Co-workers) join
bored at work? need a place to bug out and kill time? then get your butt in here~!!
90 members - created August 6, 2003, led by vanessa

Borlanders (Companies / Co-workers) join
A Tribe of those Who Toiled Beneath the Lash of Phillipe Khan!
4 members - created September 23, 2003, led by banshee (moderated)

BrightCorner (Companies / Co-workers) join
Home to tribe BrightCorner
6 members - created August 12, 2003, led by Jeremy (moderated)

britishcouncil (Egypt - Companies / Co-workers) join
all those who do/did want to be a part of the british council anywhere in the world
1 member - created December 14, 2004, led by Sean

Cage Gurus (Companies / Co-workers) join
For all Northwestern University Cage Gurus, past and present.
7 members - created November 11, 2003, led by Jeremy (moderated)

CamoBlood (Companies / Co-workers) join
A tribe for members of the US Armed Forces -- past, present, or future -- to get together and tal...
14 members - created November 11, 2003, led by Jason

Camp Kern (Companies / Co-workers) join
Camp Kern, where boy scouts and debauchery meet. Camp Kern is a boy scout camp north of Fresno, n...
1 member - created May 22, 2004, led by erik

Cap Gemini Alumni (Companies / Co-workers) join
This tribe is created so that the former employees of Cap Gemini/Sogeti/Gemini Consulting can kee...
2 members - created July 21, 2004, led by Asim

Capitalist Swine Shit List (Companies / Co-workers) join
In a free market it is very important not to patronize,purchase,rent or otherwise give money to b...
4 members - created May 3, 2004, led by Ŧ¥

Carat Interactive (Companies / Co-workers) join
Carat Interactive
5 members - created September 26, 2003, led by Andy (moderated)

Carbon Imagineering (Companies / Co-workers) join
Carbon Imagineering - a research & innovation consultancy formed in September 2002 to explore the...
2 members - created January 11, 2004, led by Imran (moderated)
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