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! Hugging ! (Health & Wellness) join
A close, affectionate embrace. Hugging is the physical affection you can share with almost anyone...
344 members - created December 21, 2003, led by awesome possum

!!!SANDYS ARE FOREVER!!! (Health & Wellness) join
For Those Who No Longer Find The Consumption of Toxic, Addictive Substances a Fruitful Activity.
86 members - created July 23, 2004, led by RoyMie- aka Dead Boy

!!!~A.M.A~drug~free!!! (Utah - Health & Wellness) join
Say no to drugs from the American Medical Association! We will explore other possibiles such as h...
8 members - created October 26, 2005, led by (user is online now) On The Ray

!!☻♥ Renewable Energy Action (SF Bay Area - Health & Wellness) join
~~~! WE'VE GOT THE POWER ! ~~~ If you join, you will be notified of anything specific yo...
106 members - created April 13, 2005, led by (user is online now) ~* KC

!I LOVE ENDORPHINS! (SF Bay Area - Health & Wellness) join
Endorphins are our friends! Who else loves them? Endorphins (nd?r?fnz) (KEY) , neurotransmitt...
131 members - created November 17, 2004, led by *sandstar*

"An Absolutely Amazing And Astounding Tr (Health & Wellness) join
"An Absolutely Amazing And Astounding Tribe of Tahitian Noni Juice Drinkers" * This is...
11 members - created March 2, 2004

#1 All Natural Wellness Products (Washington - Health & Wellness) join
Interested in All Natural Wellness Products that include inner and outter nutrition and a unique...
11 members - created August 22, 2005, led by Kimberly

#1 Americas Best All Natural Wellness (Washington - Health & Wellness) join
Interested in All Natural Wellness Products that include inner and outter nutrition and a unique...
5 members - created August 22, 2005, led by Kimberly

#1 SSRI tribe (Maryland - Health & Wellness) join
the tribe for people who want to know about SSRI drugs, recovering SSRI patients, and for SSRI fans.
9 members - created March 14, 2005, led by kyle (moderated)

明慧 (New York City - Health & Wellness) join
7 members - created November 18, 2004, led by Remedy

≈ VIVIFYING VIOLET ≈ (Pittsburgh - Health & Wellness) join
message board and journal on cleansing the body of a typical american lifestyle and toxins in you...
81 members - created February 28, 2005, led by ▼ìole†

< Antiperspirant research study < (Health & Wellness) join
We'll cure the common cold, keep ya strong till you're old, and make the world a better place...
20 members - created October 18, 2003, led by .MT™

<< Universal Order Desk >> (Health & Wellness) join
This tribe is all about placing your order for what you really want in life. It is a 21-Step p...
70 members - created November 4, 2003, led by Yoda Dave

<<** tofuti cutie tribe **>> (Health & Wellness) join
these cuties catch your eye don't even have to try we rhyme to the beat but we never eat meat
34 members - created July 27, 2004, led by mycho

"Tweener" Trans (SF Bay Area - Health & Wellness) join
This tribe is or people who are not on hormones, or who are on low or sporadic doses of hormones....
7 members - created June 24, 2005, led by brake light

"Uncovering Your Life Purpose" (Vancouver - Health & Wellness) join
Do you feel that something is missing in your life? Are you tired of your career? Do you have dre...
134 members - created November 14, 2004, led by (user is online now) Bruce

"You've ruined Christmas!" (Health & Wellness) join
If you've ever heard this, or wanted to say it, you come from a disfunctional family Tell us you...
24 members - created October 19, 2003, led by ƒ

((anti-MDMA tribe)) (Health & Wellness) join
sure to be one of the least popular tribes... ...we hate MDMA... ...please be sure to include you...
6 members - created March 22, 2004

(painfully shy) (Health & Wellness) join
Blush, stammer, sweat? Just feel really uncomfortable around new people? Wallflowers, let us comm...
510 members - created October 7, 2003, led by caitie

)"(-NUTRIPUNCTURE-)"( (SF Bay Area - Health & Wellness) join
A place for those involved in Nutripuncture, Acupuncture, or any healing modality and anyone inte...
17 members - created November 5, 2004, led by Sammy

* Heartsong Herbal Brewing Company * (Oregon - Health & Wellness) join
The Heartsong Herbal Brewing Company exists to revitalize human body, mind, spirit, and community...
85 members - created March 23, 2005, led by (user is online now) * chad *

* Naturopathic Medicine * (Indiana - Health & Wellness) join
This tribe will discuss the politics of the Health Industry. Why the Pharmaceutical Industry may...
9 members - created November 16, 2005, led by Chopper22

* roasted green chile * (Albuquerque - Health & Wellness) join
Anyone that has had these delectables in New Mexico knows all too well that this is about "h...
9 members - created September 30, 2005, led by (user is online now) * chad *

** DAGOBA Organic Chocolate ** (Albuquerque - Health & Wellness) join
"Dagoba ("duh GO bah") is a Sanskrit word for temple." "Founded in 20...
35 members - created October 2, 2005, led by (user is online now) * chad *

*****Youth Through Fitness***** (New York City - Health & Wellness) join
A group dedicated to slowing the aging process through a positive lifestyle based on sufficient e...
56 members - created March 28, 2005, led by Andy

****ing PMS (SF Bay Area - Health & Wellness) join
my legs hurt it's so bad!!! uh...the pain, it's creeping down from my uterus into my legs and i...
45 members - created September 29, 2004, led by Martina

***Dopeless HOPE Fiends*** (Florida - Health & Wellness) join
You know who you are... Come share your ES&H; with the Tribe that is Never Alone!!! We're a friend...
27 members - created March 17, 2005, led by fugitive247

**Genetically modified food watch** (Health & Wellness) join
do you know how many chemicals are in your food? do you know how inadequate the testing procedure...
326 members - created September 18, 2003, led by **MsSpell**

**kundalini yoga** (Health & Wellness) join
According to the philosophy of Tantra, the entire universe is a manifestation of pure conscio...
1550 members - created September 19, 2003, led by **MsSpell**

**VALIDATE ME** (Health & Wellness) join
I wish to create a place where you can say positive things... about another or yourself... a plac...
298 members - created October 17, 2003, led by **MsSpell**

**yoNi*BuTTer** (Health & Wellness) join
The house of heaven is the house of human. No walls stand between heaven and earth. You enter an...
117 members - created March 16, 2004, led by IamNaked

*Hippies Who Don't Take Too Many Drugs* (SF Bay Area - Health & Wellness) join
A space for all spiritual, earthy, beings who appreciate taking care of their bodies and the clea...
94 members - created March 12, 2005, led by Dj

*I am the body beautiful!* (Health & Wellness) join
Body acceptance! Stop hating your body! Loving yourself even though you don't look like the cove...
357 members - created February 23, 2004, led by Flora Isadora

*Milk Thistle (SF Bay Area - Health & Wellness) join
This is a tribe for folks interested in silymarin, the medicinal component naturally occuring in...
5 members - created September 20, 2005, led by Pablito

*Omnivores Unite* (Health & Wellness) join
we're not just meat eaters! .... all foodies welcome! join omnivores if you can appreciate both v...
19 members - created January 16, 2004, led by buttercup

*retreats* (Health & Wellness) join
Explore, share experiences and information on retreats.
63 members - created December 5, 2003, led by Alex

*Sacred Space* (Health & Wellness) join
A hollowed ground for those who come in need of encouragement and support in the study of self be...
320 members - created September 17, 2004, led by Jules

*seminars* (Health & Wellness) join
Share experiences, information on seminars.
39 members - created December 5, 2003, led by Alex

*The World School* (SF Bay Area - Health & Wellness) join
A tribe for students of the World School, for those practicing Vibrational Healing Massage Therap...
25 members - created February 27, 2005, led by Sultry Siren

*workshops* (Health & Wellness) join
Exchange, share information on holistic, creative, how-to, wellness workshops. Workshop organize...
116 members - created December 5, 2003, led by Alex

*^* REFLEXOLOGY *^* (Health & Wellness) join
Join in discussion of this age old healing art. "Reflexology is an ancient form of holistic...
137 members - created February 21, 2004, led by Lynn (moderated)

*~*Glowing*~* (Florida - Health & Wellness) join
Are you having one of those days? No, not that ones that chase you back under the covers! The o...
8 members - created April 21, 2005, led by :Dominique

++ FIT 50 PLUS ++ (Health & Wellness) join
Feel good, Look Good again with Dr. Pierre owner of Fit50+ Work out sessions Alternative medi...
1 member - created March 6, 2004, led by Mimi (moderated)

-THE-GAIAN-MIND- (Health & Wellness) join
The Gaian Mind is an attempt to create a holistic context for the cultivation of the self and the...
4 members - created July 9, 2005, led by -THE-GAIAN-MIND- (moderated)

0rganic (SF Bay Area - Health & Wellness) join
For those who live, breathe and eat the Organic lifestyle. For those who consume Organic foods an...
119 members - created November 14, 2004, led by ☼ ☼☆ ♥ Karina &

100 Plus To Lose (Health & Wellness) join
This is a place where folks who have more than 100 pounds to lose hang out and trade weight loss...
64 members - created June 7, 2004, led by David

12 Step Internet Addicition Program (Washington, D.C. - Health & Wellness) join
12 step online group for dealing with internet addicition.
5 members - created October 10, 2004

2004 Walk For Breast Cancer-Northern Cal (Health & Wellness) join
It's time to walk our hineys off for a great cause! Let's get a large group together and walk aga...
5 members - created February 26, 2004, led by Julia

3D Universe (Brevard County - Health & Wellness) join
These 3 D's stand for "Dually Diagnosed Dynamos". For the uninitiated, Dual Diagnosis i...
12 members - created April 9, 2005, led by fugitive247

5pillars (London - Health & Wellness) join
Magnatherapy is still a very new wellness industry but it's growing quickly and ordinary people h...
1 member - created June 15, 2005, led by james
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