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Israel Travel (Places & Travel) join
75 members - created September 15, 2003, led by Liat

! Oaksterdam~ (Oakland Downtown - Places & Travel) join
Oakland's bohemian art scene, from cafes to warehouses, beats to noise, poetry slams, dive bars a...
536 members - created October 29, 2003, led by (user is online now) .MT™

! Mendocino Coast ! (Places & Travel) join
A tribe for everyone from Fort Bragg, Mendocino, Elk, Anderson Valley, Westport, Albion, Gualala,...
102 members - created January 10, 2004, led by Clay

!Majestic Mexico! (Places & Travel) join
Mexico- any and all parts!
286 members - created January 26, 2004, led by Flora Isadora

$200SUBLETTING LOFT SAO PAULO BRAZIL (Brazil - Places & Travel) join
I'm living in Brooklyn, NY and subletting my house in S?o Paulo, Brazil. It's a rustic and charmi...
1 member - created September 9, 2005, led by Neuza

"London and the United Kingdom" (Places & Travel) join
For anyone in Britain, from Britain or interested in Britain. Key words: London, England, Edinbur...
669 members - created August 10, 2003, led by (user is online now) Charles

((neuropeans)) (Places & Travel) join
Living in Europe? Visiting Europe? Interested in art, design, fashion, film, music, food, technol...
458 members - created October 12, 2003, led by Sydney

* Ride Share / Carpool * (Places & Travel) join
Want a free ride somewhere? Want to help another triber out? Want to help protect the environment...
196 members - created January 2, 2004, led by (user is online now) Llogan

****THE TRAVLER'S LOG**** (Washington - Places & Travel) join
These years somtimes don't seem as interesting as years past. But there are those who have gotten...
3 members - created August 8, 2005, led by Pauly

***Hollister, California*** (SF Bay Area - Places & Travel) join
A Tribe dedicated to Hollister, CA.. the good, bad and the ugly
3 members - created April 9, 2005, led by Selena

**Cape Cod** (Places & Travel) join
A place where people on Cape Cod can communicate.
9 members - created February 1, 2004, led by Sara (moderated)

*>PICS of your LOCATION<* (Places & Travel) join
PICS of your LOCATION is a place to post pics from your location/area or anywhere else of interest.
27 members - created August 2, 2004, led by cliffhanger

*British Columbia, Canada* (Places & Travel) join
Share information, experiences. The home of the 2010 Winter Olympics.
76 members - created December 5, 2003, led by Alex

*Canada Traveller* (Places & Travel) join
Explore, share information and experiences.
36 members - created December 5, 2003, led by Alex

*Gulf Islands, British Columbia, Canada* (Places & Travel) join
Explore, share experiences about the Gulf Islands, located on the west coast of Canada. The islan...
39 members - created December 5, 2003, led by Alex

*Hawaii*CoolQueerRoomates (SF Bay Area - Places & Travel) join
This tribe is for Queer people looking to share spaces with other Queer people in Hawaii! Lets bu...
11 members - created March 1, 2005, led by ~Lou~

*Hawaii*CoolQueerRoomatesWanted (SF Bay Area - Places & Travel) join
This tribe is for Queer people looking to share spaces with other Queer people in Hawaii! Lets bu...
1 member - created March 1, 2005, led by ~Lou~

*Myschievia* (Houston - Places & Travel) join
a place for burners to get together
45 members - created October 11, 2005, led by Moon

*Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada* (Places & Travel) join
Salt Spring Island is also known as "Canada's Island Paradise". It is world famous for...
61 members - created December 5, 2003, led by Alex

*Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada* (Places & Travel) join
Explore, share information, experiences on one of the most beatiful cities in the world, the home...
113 members - created December 5, 2003, led by Alex

*Victoria, British Columbia, Canada* (Places & Travel) join
One of the top rated tourist destinations. Share experiences, information.
32 members - created December 5, 2003, led by Alex

-=SF Nomads=- (Places & Travel) join
roots in san francisco, branches around the globe... where are you now? post pics and messages to...
63 members - created February 3, 2004, led by zariat

.-* Hardcore Anchorage Party Crew *-. (Places & Travel) join
This is a place for folks in Anchorage Alaska who like to party to meet up for weekends of debauc...
47 members - created October 21, 2003, led by ...Casey.Fenton...

/proc (Places & Travel) join
The Real Peoples Republic Of Cork. For Techies. In Cork Or From Cork. I'm not picky. Use of the w...
1 member - created November 27, 2003, led by dahamsta (moderated)

10023 (Places & Travel) join
People who live or work in the most glamorous zip code in the world -- or wish they did.
4 members - created January 14, 2004, led by Frank

11 days in September for World Unity (Places & Travel) join
The project I first heard about from Troy Lush & Diana Rosa in Puerto Rico. This is my take on it...
3 members - created June 18, 2004, led by Zen (moderated)

4th of JuPlaya & Carol's 30th (SF Bay Area - Places & Travel) join
Our little Carol-pie turns 30 on the 4th of July. We're going to take her out to the desert to b...
18 members - created June 28, 2005, led by (user is online now) ☆DIVA☆ (moderated)

602 (Places & Travel) join
For people of the great 602 area code.
1 member - created August 15, 2003, led by phiz (moderated)

604 India ॐ (SF Bay Area - Places & Travel) join
If you go to India to party, travel and explore...come on in and hook up with community members....
175 members - created November 11, 2004, led by Ra

808 State!! (Places & Travel) join
E Komo Mai I Hawaii!! (Welcome to Hawaii!) We are the aloha state! This tribe is for people livin...
215 members - created December 10, 2003, led by shelley

A COUCH TO SURF! (Places & Travel) join :: Want to sleep on couches all over the world for free? Want to mee...
575 members - created December 26, 2003, led by ...Casey.Fenton...

A Day At The Beach (Places & Travel) join
A place for all of us sun lovers out there to come together and talk everything beach. Is there...
261 members - created March 4, 2004, led by Tom

A Guide to The Great Outdoors (Places & Travel) join
As the title suggests, this tribe is all about the Great Outdoors and those of us who enjoy being...
316 members - created May 5, 2004, led by shari

A Long Strange Trip It's Been (Places & Travel) join
2 members - created April 22, 2005, led by Jacob

A Rollercoaster Ride! (Places & Travel) join
Whether wooden or steel, this is the place to confess your love of rollercoasters of all kinds!
80 members - created October 17, 2003, led by Bing

A Travel Friend (Places & Travel) join
looking for a travel companion? someone to share a trip with you. Going on a long trip and maybe...
407 members - created December 25, 2003, led by White Raven

A-TOWN HUSTLE (Places & Travel) join
All Atliens, All day, Eh Day. Anyone from the ATL need a place to chill. Bring it.
1 member - created August 1, 2003, led by Nathan

adoramos eivissa (Places & Travel) join
para todos que adora ibiza
3 members - created December 22, 2003, led by Bill

Adventure Motorcycle Club (Wisconsin - Places & Travel) join
International motorcycle travel discussion and the like.
4 members - created July 10, 2005, led by Tucker

Afghanistan (Places & Travel) join
Everything Afghanistan.
10 members - created June 28, 2004, led by Oliver

Africa (Places & Travel) join
Africa talk and such.
239 members - created August 14, 2003, led by Tucker

Airline Employees (Norfolk - Places & Travel) join
If you work for an airline, or at an airport come on in, if not feel free to enjoy the stories an...
5 members - created July 11, 2005, led by ShyFlyGuy

Airport Trips 4 the Stealth Traveler (Seattle - Places & Travel) join
I travel a lot and hit a lot of airports. Each time I go to a new one I wonder about various thin...
52 members - created March 27, 2005, led by ۞Dragonista

Airstream (Places & Travel) join
Airstream Enthusiasts Welcome! Looking for restoration tips, pics, & places to go.
56 members - created September 17, 2003, led by Alicia

ALASKA ELF WOODS PETERSBURG (Oregon - Places & Travel) join
Hey Elves of Elf Woods and Ewok Village at Sandy Beach Mitkof Island Petersurg Alaska 2000 - 2001...
6 members - created October 27, 2005, led by Raven

Alexandria (Places & Travel) join
Alexandria, Va
1 member - created February 20, 2004, led by Columbia (moderated)

alexinkorea (Seattle - Places & Travel) join
Now that I am living in South Korea. I want to keep my friends in touch as well as keeping an ele...
2 members - created July 27, 2005

Algarve (Portugal - Places & Travel) join
The southernmost region of Portugal.
3 members - created June 6, 2005, led by José (moderated)

ALL ABOUT TRAVEL (Places & Travel) join
A Place for those of us who LOVE to TRAVEL! Post Pictures, Discuss Recent Travels and Connect wit...
1220 members - created September 7, 2003, led by bluevertical

Almeria Spain (Spain - Places & Travel) join
Almeria is a beautiful, magical province in southern Spain. We are spanish residents and invite y...
2 members - created August 5, 2005, led by j. alonso
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