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bicycle touring (Recreation & Sports) join
For people who like to vacation or travel by bicycle
273 members - created October 17, 2003, led by sara

English Premier League Football (Recreation & Sports) join
A place to discuss the best football league in the world, the English Premier League! Including M...
110 members - created November 5, 2003, led by Jamaican Steve

Photography&Art; Israeli (Recreation & Sports) join
12 members - created September 15, 2003, led by Liat

Texas Outdoors (Recreation & Sports) join
This Tribe is for those who have a sport or outdoor activity and you want others to find you in...
28 members - created October 25, 2003, led by Exped

! < UL and Indoor Kites < (Recreation & Sports) join
For those who like their flight with no wind and strings attatched... Indoor kites, ultralight ki...
7 members - created April 14, 2004, led by .MT

! Boomerrangs~ (Recreation & Sports) join
Find others who like their stick to come back sans dog...
7 members - created April 14, 2004, led by .MT

! Contact Juggling~ (Recreation & Sports) join
CJ, sphereplayers, ball maniplulators, palm rollers, contact jugglers, crystal ball, acrylic ball...
117 members - created April 30, 2004, led by .MT

! Sport Kites~ (Recreation & Sports) join
Dancers of the wind unite!
13 members - created April 14, 2004, led by .MT

!!~CRiTiCaL STiLTs~!! (SF Bay Area - Recreation & Sports) join
Pssst.....Wanna Get High? Come with us. There's no telling what we might do....The Mission, Haigh...
69 members - created November 28, 2004, led by CReaTuRe

!~* Gay/Bi Hiking... SoCal/LA local *~ (Los Angeles - Recreation & Sports) join
Local Hikes, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Berdo... Heres the place to post great local hike...
12 members - created August 7, 2005, led by tom...

#99 Carl Edwards fans (Illinois - Recreation & Sports) join
A tribe for Roush Racing's Carl Edwards! #99
1 member - created October 22, 2005, led by Scott

***BIKERFOX*** (Honolulu - Recreation & Sports) join
For admirers and devotees of Frank Paul, 5' 10" and 155lbs with naturally curly brown hair....
9 members - created November 28, 2004, led by M @ Я ד Y

***santarchy**** (Anchorage - Recreation & Sports) join
anchorage area santarchist coordination for maximum infiltration
24 members - created September 13, 2005, led by Kiss My Peehole, TOU Guy

*Extreme Auto Racing* (Recreation & Sports) join
For enthusiasts of Enduro, Figure 8, Destruction Derby, Chain Races, and any other type of extrem...
60 members - created November 1, 2003, led by Scottie

*FIREBALL! The Game of Fire! * (California - Recreation & Sports) join
Fireball is the first team sport EVER that teaches peace! A new contact improvisational sport p...
3 members - created September 21, 2005, led by Elonifer

*monster trucks* (Recreation & Sports) join
in honor of the giant metal monsters. lets convoy on to the next rally.
60 members - created January 1, 2004, led by pilar

*OLDE SCHOOL FOOTBALL* (Alabama - Recreation & Sports) join
This tribe is made for the discussion of the good old dayz. The history of the NFL is our canvas....
10 members - created September 23, 2005, led by (user is online now) Roger (moderated)

*RollerCoasters* (Recreation & Sports) join
This is the tribe for all you theme park & rollercoster fanatics.
24 members - created September 29, 2003, led by Jason P. 鼓手

24 Hour Fitness (SF Bay Area - Recreation & Sports) join
This Tribe is for members and those interested in the 24 Hour Fitness chain of gyms.
15 members - created January 19, 2005, led by george

4 Wheelin In Alaska (Recreation & Sports) join
For People Who Enjoy 4 Wheeling In Alaska
7 members - created February 3, 2004, led by Stacey

4wheelers (Recreation & Sports) join
utility or sport 4wheelers, jumping or trails
8 members - created December 13, 2003, led by work release

4x4 mud people (Canada - Recreation & Sports) join
i would like to set up off road trips with cool people with cool 4x4s (any 4x4 is cool)partying i...
2 members - created April 12, 2005, led by chris

510 Racing (Recreation & Sports) join
Fellow East Bay Enduro Racing enthusiasts. If you are interested in building a car, pit crewing,...
23 members - created November 1, 2003, led by Scottie

520 dirt bros (Tucson - Recreation & Sports) join
this is a tribe for people that ride bmx, downhill, and freeriders. people who ride their bikes f...
1 member - created October 21, 2005, led by sean (moderated)

7 inches in the rear (Recreation & Sports) join
Got a full suspension rig and love saying to people that you really want 8 inches in the rear? L...
19 members - created April 19, 2004, led by jason

937th OCK Spetsaz (Portland - Recreation & Sports) join
937th OCK Spetsaz ( Arisoft Team ) Russian Airsoft Team in North West Oregon / South West Washi...
7 members - created August 21, 2005, led by Niall (moderated)

A Tribe Of Jets (Recreation & Sports) join
For fans of the New York Jets ... especially those who hate the term "Same Old Jets"!
13 members - created November 12, 2003 (moderated)

A. T. Trail (Washington, D.C. - Recreation & Sports) join
Hiking from Washington D.C. to Maine from the Washington Monument starting on the 4th of July.
3 members - created May 3, 2005, led by Sean

Acro balance / Adagio (London - Recreation & Sports) join
Yeah I know, its more something you do or watch than talk about..... ........But if you want t...
2 members - created October 27, 2005, led by Jesse

Action Rangers (Recreation & Sports) join
A place for all Super heroes of the action ranger variety. In no way, shape, or form affiliated w...
8 members - created May 25, 2004

Adelaide - Clipsal 500 (SF Bay Area - Recreation & Sports) join
Clipsal Adelaide 500 17-20th MARCH 2005 http://www.clipsal5...
10 members - created February 25, 2005, led by tattboy68

Adventure Racing (Recreation & Sports) join
For people active in adventure racing
22 members - created October 7, 2003, led by Peter

AFL (Australia - Recreation & Sports) join
The Tribal Board for all things AFL, Australian Rules Football -
8 members - created June 22, 2005, led by Johnathon

AFM (Recreation & Sports) join
Motorcycle racing. Dirtbike riding. Many people on the list will be AFM riders. Main AFM forum wi...
25 members - created February 2, 2004, led by Spacey's friends

Ahhhh, Lazy Town! (Burkina Faso - Recreation & Sports) join
You should see the episode in which Robby Rotten is playing softball with the kids. He's on the...
7 members - created December 19, 2004, led by vampAXJ

Aikido (Recreation & Sports) join
The martial art for when you're tired of fighting. Now stays crunchy in milk!
323 members - created September 21, 2003, led by Chris

Airsoft Tribe (Recreation & Sports) join
Do you enjoy shooting your friends? Ever been asked why you're carrying half a dozen assault weap...
54 members - created January 11, 2004, led by Historyteller

Alameda Beach cruiser/bicycle Peeps! (Alameda - Recreation & Sports) join
If you live in the Alameda/Oakland area and wanna get together for casual bike rides and fat-tire...
31 members - created April 29, 2005, led by Kizzy

Alaska Aces Hockey (Anchorage - Recreation & Sports) join
For fans of Alaska's only professional sports team.
10 members - created November 14, 2004, led by Matt

All You Need Is Lunch. (California - Recreation & Sports) join
Do you watch the clock at work everyday just waiting for lunchtime to come around? Lunch is your...
36 members - created February 18, 2005, led by Chuckster

alta plaza park (Recreation & Sports) join
Do you live near Alta Plaza Park or just like to hang out there? Do you have a dog that you let r...
1 member - created April 20, 2004, led by Melodie

Amateur baseball in the Bay area (Recreation & Sports) join
For those who play in amateur leagues or just between friends.
2 members - created July 23, 2004, led by a r n o

American Cat Herding Association (SF Bay Area - Recreation & Sports) join
We are delighted by the inherent entertainment possibilities of holding cat herding trials. These...
10 members - created January 3, 2005, led by Cloud

Anarchist Bowling League (Seattle - Recreation & Sports) join
A tribe to discuss anarchist bowling. We kept score... but don't remember what it was. As soon as...
7 members - created October 22, 2004, led by Ryan

Anarchist Soccer (Recreation & Sports) join
This is a tribe for all anarchist soccer related activities around the world, as seen on Anarchis...
77 members - created October 22, 2003, led by Jino

Anarchist Soccer Austin (Austin - Recreation & Sports) join
This is the place for info about anarchist soccer pickup games in austin and other slightly relat...
35 members - created May 14, 2005, led by Limes

Animals and Animal Tracking (Alaska - Recreation & Sports) join
This is a tribe for folks that want to talk about animals, animal tracking, observation thereof a...
8 members - created June 9, 2005, led by C'est

Anthropology of Football (Soccer) (Turkey - Recreation & Sports) join
A tribe that cares more about the culture, knowledge, sociology etc of the game than the immediat...
10 members - created August 22, 2005, led by Erkan

Anything Goes Martial Arts (Recreation & Sports) join
You have your core art, but your eyes and mind are not closed to what other styles offer.
208 members - created October 20, 2003, led by Abue

Archery without hunting (Recreation & Sports) join
Are you an archer?? then join this tribe and discuss al forms of archery, from traditional to com...
97 members - created September 4, 2003, led by Jochem
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