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! . A Unlimited Friendships Guaranteed (Australia - Romance & Relationships) join
Join this group to meet me. I have access to 3 million friends and I can help you make good incom...
4 members - created September 18, 2005, led by Michael Tri (moderated)

! Bicurious Ladies (Los Angeles - Romance & Relationships) join
For all those ladies who've experimented, who've thought about it, or who are ready to make the m...
49 members - created June 10, 2005, led by Jen (moderated)

! Dating Seattle (Seattle - Romance & Relationships) join
See what other singles are doing in the area. Create and vote in weekly polls.
11 members - created June 7, 2005, led by Lewd

! Fag-Dyke Dating Union (San Francisco - Romance & Relationships) join
Dykes, are you tired of all dates ending at IKEA? Fags, how about going out when you don't need...
18 members - created April 25, 2005, led by â

! REAL LOVE CLUB (Finland - Romance & Relationships) join
Place for intelligent people. Synergy, relations without conflicts.
8 members - created July 25, 2005, led by Igor

! Secret Crush Tribe ! (SF Bay Area - Romance & Relationships) join
A tribe where you can secretly announce to the world who you're having a crush on ! (ok not so s...
7 members - created June 27, 2005, led by Michel

!!! Singles International !!! (Romance & Relationships) join
For all the singles out there, not only for those who are looking for someone. But also for the o...
236 members - created March 26, 2004, led by Ynnah

!!!MY BABALOO HEAVEN!!! (Romance & Relationships) join
31 members - created August 13, 2004, led by Babaloo Baby

!!!SexLoveAddictsAnonymous (Romance & Relationships) join
12 steps to happiness, joy, and freedom. Had enough? Powerless over you-know-what? 40 question...
78 members - created June 4, 2004, led by Healthy

!!A Single's Dream Tribe in the Making!! (California - Romance & Relationships) join
The place where magic happens and phenominal relationships begin
21 members - created February 16, 2005, led by Chad

!!NSA is for LOSERS!! (SF Bay Area - Romance & Relationships) join
This tribe is for those of us tired of selfish egomaniacal failures hiding behind the guise of NS...
16 members - created September 22, 2005, led by Nicolina

!KD's Posse! (Georgia - Romance & Relationships) join
Hi! If you are in this tribe, that means I like you and think you would be a cool person to hang...
20 members - created November 15, 2004, led by Kelly (moderated)

!Love is the Way! (Hawaii - Romance & Relationships) join
what or who do you LOVE? is there anything that you found love in today? a smile, a flower, a mem...
34 members - created January 23, 2005, led by jennjenn

♥ Love~Poems ♥ (Indiana - Romance & Relationships) join
Poems, poetry, love poems - story's... this is a place to post a poem or a story - whatever you...
57 members - created April 29, 2005, led by Lydia

♥ goin' to the chapel ♥ (Philadelphia - Romance & Relationships) join
goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get maaAAAaaarried! welcome to the chapel, home of tribe...
37 members - created June 29, 2005, led by in this guise

♥♥♥ the chapel ♥ (Philadelphia - Romance & Relationships) join
goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get maaAAAaaarried! welcome to the chapel, home of tribe...
1 member - created June 29, 2005, led by in this guise

"...just not that into you" (California - Romance & Relationships) join
Inspired by the oh-so-popular book "He's Just Not That Into You" by Greg Behrendt and L...
42 members - created June 17, 2005, led by DravenGal

** Art of Pleasure ** (SF Bay Area - Romance & Relationships) join
This tribe is for anyone who has participated in a Beyond Education pleasure course, or who is co...
12 members - created September 18, 2005, led by Alex (moderated)

** Hot Tub ** (Romance & Relationships) join
While there are a few tubbin tribes out there, this one should be a safe place to climb in, settl...
114 members - created January 26, 2004, led by *CTGarry

*** Love! *** (Romance & Relationships) join
Hooray for LOVE! The best part of being alive is to feel love for and to be loved by *anything...
606 members - created December 11, 2003, led by TempO

****CT. Singals**** (Romance & Relationships) join
Where CT. singals come to meet.
4 members - created December 15, 2003, led by brian

***CherryCRUSH*** (Romance & Relationships) join
OK tell us about your latest obsession-- no celebs!!!! Other tribesters are FAIRGAME!!!!
57 members - created December 1, 2003, led by o2k

***Nothing Tribe*** (SF Bay Area - Romance & Relationships) join
this is a tribe to post to if you are doing nothing.
3 members - created July 29, 2005, led by Mystery

**Spin da Bottle** (Romance & Relationships) join
Heres yet another tribe dedicated to one of your favorite childhood games!!
37 members - created January 18, 2004

*Bespectacled Hotties (Romance & Relationships) join
For girls and boys who wear glasses, and those who adore them ;0)
427 members - created April 26, 2004, led by Chumtastic Fantastic

+ Friends Forever + (Romance & Relationships) join
wanna be my friend?
85 members - created January 21, 2004

+++ SINGLE PROFESSIONALS CLUB +++ (Romance & Relationships) join
Single Professionals take back control of your social by networking with like-minded people. Mak...
51 members - created March 6, 2004, led by Mimi

-Long Distance Relationships- (Romance & Relationships) join
If you're in a long-distance relationship now, or ever have been, talk about it here, and help th...
152 members - created March 10, 2004, led by Jennifer

/behind the wheel/ (SF Bay Area - Romance & Relationships) join
A place to talk about the things that shape us. "i'm sick of love but i'm in the thick o...
13 members - created October 21, 2004, led by heather

1001 Topics (Romance & Relationships) join
This is a gay oriented "tribe". Post pics or a personal classified message.
1 member - created December 21, 2003, led by D (moderated)

101topics (Romance & Relationships) join
There are a 101 topics of interest. Most of them are gay oriented.
18 members - created December 21, 2003, led by D

12b (Romance & Relationships) join
For denizens of the former HSX 12b on Compuserve. Discusssions, reunions, and ongoing kinky stuf...
22 members - created August 21, 2004, led by Anna

1a2b3 (Florida - Romance & Relationships) join
help with relationships
2 members - created April 23, 2005

20 seconds (Romance & Relationships) join
Una chica. T˙. Sabado noche. Alcohol. Sexo. Tu novia en casa. ┐Cual es la disculpa mas patetica?...
2 members - created October 18, 2003, led by Gael

40's (Florida - Romance & Relationships) join
Meet folks your own age in your own state.
2 members - created March 2, 2005

50plus, single and poly (Romance & Relationships) join
A place for discussion and meeting those over 50, single and poly minded. Share the frustrations...
22 members - created September 19, 2004, led by J

::girl, he's just NOT that into you! :: (Seattle - Romance & Relationships) join
This tribe was inspired by the book "He's Just Not That Into You: the no-excuses truth to un...
13 members - created August 2, 2005, led by all-i

>>>Cake and a spanking<<< (Romance & Relationships) join
talk about anything...Thought provoking is good...funny is even better. Just remember: All threa...
93 members - created August 21, 2004, led by Laura (moderated)

>>>I know...But I'm just saying<< (SF Bay Area - Romance & Relationships) join
Letters to a lost love. Why does it feel good to write this hell? I don't know, it just does. Go...
16 members - created December 28, 2004, led by Laura

??????? (San Diego - Romance & Relationships) join
7 members - created October 4, 2004, led by Gone

A Daredevil Wedding Chapel (Romance & Relationships) join
In the house of Reverend Space Monkey, all lovers are sacred and worthy of the bond of matrimony....
12 members - created February 8, 2004, led by Rev. Space

A Meetin' Place (Romance & Relationships) join
A place for people to meet, talk back and all that jazz
21 members - created January 29, 2004

a peoples forum (Romance & Relationships) join
this is the place to air your dirty laundry. did anyone screw you over, and you want to tell ever...
10 members - created December 1, 2003, led by brian

A reason to stay (Romance & Relationships) join
I am in a flat, dull, tepid relationship and I need a reason to stay other than it is too much ef...
9 members - created April 8, 2004, led by eileen

A Spastic Troupe Of Asian Contortionists (Romance & Relationships) join
« We are a radical group of antiunusualists«, and our tribe is registered. %^) [t...
21 members - created March 2, 2004, led by √/ИИ/Ξ

a tribe of very very very very lonely (Romance & Relationships) join
Hello! This is a tribe of very very very lonely and not so popular human beings. Join today if yo...
60 members - created February 28, 2004, led by Esa

A Unlimited Friendship Guarateed (Pakistan - Romance & Relationships) join
I would like to meet someone who has a sense of humor, is easy to talk to, a woman of integrity w...
1 member - created September 19, 2005, led by Shahzad Zeb

About Tribe (Romance & Relationships) join
About Ways to make it work, for fun or for work,but mostly for fun. Looking for how...
7 members - created July 31, 2004, led by Michael

addicted to social networking! (New York City - Romance & Relationships) join
friendster, myspace, tribe? you got it! you're an addict too!!!
6 members - created November 3, 2004, led by Crystal

adultery, mistress, cheaters group (SF Bay Area - Romance & Relationships) join
Support group for those involved in affairs, adultery, cheating, are you a mistress? Do you have...
15 members - created May 27, 2005, led by
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