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! ! Outside of the Box Thinkers ! ! (SF Bay Area - Science & History) join
Outside-of-the box thinking requires an openness to new ways of seeing the world and a willingnes...
80 members - created April 6, 2005, led by Serendipity

! Philosophy in Los Angeles ! (Science & History) join
A forum for all who want to talk Philosophy. This tribe is also the webpage for the "Philos...
157 members - created August 20, 2004, led by ScreamBrian

#nexus (Science & History) join
1 member - created October 6, 2003, led by jason (moderated)

<Data Minds> (Portland - Science & History) join
[note to anyone who comes across this site] This is not just a site knocking freemasons. I have...
6 members - created February 5, 2005

""Conspiracy theories" (United Kingdom - Science & History) join
Moon landings? Roswell? Area 51?The lone gunman? Planet X? Are we being watched? What are governm...
80 members - created March 31, 2005, led by Bobs

""The power & beauty of Nature (Science & History) join
If Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Geysers, Lightning, The Auroras Borealis and Australis, Freak Waves, M...
329 members - created August 24, 2004, led by Bobs

** Telescope Building ** (Science & History) join
for those who love the art of building telescopes...
12 members - created January 11, 2004, led by White Raven

.:Visionary Reapers:. Holographics (Science & History) join
This Ongoing Digital Document Discusses The Illusionary Bermuda Triangle Of Life, How To Deal Wit...
178 members - created September 16, 2004, led by Roque Chi

0110001001101001011011100110000101110010 (Science & History) join
2 members - created November 4, 2003, led by Nathan (moderated)

12th Planet Nibiru (Science & History) join
Zecharia Sitchin's Earth Chronicles and related theories, Ancient Cosmic/Planetary History, The 1...
74 members - created April 9, 2004, led by Roque Chi

20th Century German History (Science & History) join
For all those interested in the study of 20th century German history -- including WWI, the Freico...
20 members - created June 18, 2004, led by Ida

24 Hour Time Capsule (SF Bay Area - Science & History) join
This tribe is intended to help coordinate efforts to present a series of simple public events inv...
16 members - created May 18, 2005, led by (user is online now) Josh

5 (Science & History) join
I don't know
6 members - created September 23, 2003, led by Erick jason (moderated)

6th MASS EXTINCTION (Science & History) join
The worlds scientists agree that we are in the middle of a mass extinction, which is the 6th in e...
198 members - created July 19, 2004, led by Brian

:::---FREE ENERGY ---::: (Science & History) join
Free Energy is the way of the future.. there will be no monoploly over energy and it will be po...
209 members - created September 27, 2004, led by bivid

::transhuman:: (Science & History) join
Transhumanism: the philosophies of life (such as extropian perspectives) that seek the continuati...
162 members - created October 14, 2003, led by dimi3

?@COSMIC MAYA@? (United Kingdom - Science & History) join
A place for all followers of the Cosmic Maya . . . prophesy, history, culture, arts, cosmology, a...
29 members - created July 12, 2005, led by \*Glitchsurfer*/

a dolphin's view (Science & History) join
for people who love dolphin's and other sea life!
60 members - created May 2, 2004

A Seashell Tribe (Science & History) join
Conchology, Malacology, Shell Collecting & Beachcombing. Because there is more than one way to be...
57 members - created December 5, 2003

ADYTUM (Transdimensional Origami Palace) (Portland - Science & History) join
this place is boundless. create it as you go. trad carefully in the mysts, for who knows what y...
8 members - created May 9, 2005, led by saint caedmon

african share circle (Science & History) join
A place where Africans of all nationalities and levels,etc can come and view their opinions facts...
7 members - created March 6, 2004, led by Robert (moderated)

Agricultural Soil Science (ASS) (Science & History) join
Agricultural Soil Science. A place to do dirty science and throw mud at each others theories. No...
34 members - created February 10, 2004, led by malcolm

Alchemycal Monkey (New Mexico - Science & History) join
Chaos Magick via Taoism, Qigong, Martial Arts, Eastern and non-Western Magickal traditions. E...
22 members - created September 16, 2005, led by el_tortugo

alien abduction host sickness I feel ... (New Jersey - Science & History) join
If you have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, or any sickness that can not be explained by medicine...
1 member - created October 30, 2005, led by Goku

all newbies in wingmaking (Nevada - Science & History) join
Talk about what you just or are learning now, and chat about where and why to go to new wingmaker...
1 member - created September 10, 2005, led by Dallas

All things Entomology (Science & History) join
A tribe for anyone with an interest in entomology, arachnology, or entomophagy
144 members - created December 2, 2003, led by lily

All Warfare and Tactics (Science & History) join
This is my first attempt at creating a tribe, so we'll see how this goes. This tribe is for milit...
57 members - created March 2, 2004, led by Mayo

Alternate Histories Discussion (SF Bay Area - Science & History) join
DISCLAIMER: I am glib. I do not have a degree in any of the disciplines I mention here. I have r...
6 members - created August 27, 2005, led by Dave

Alternative Conspiracy (SF Bay Area - Science & History) join
This is a place to discuss alterative information that may be linked to conspiracy or part of a c...
6 members - created October 25, 2005, led by Thomas (moderated)

Alternative NRG (California - Science & History) join
Single passenger alternative energy vehicles
14 members - created December 23, 2004, led by David

American Archaeology (Los Angeles - Science & History) join
This tribe is for dicsussing any aspect of American archaeology, be it theory or grumbings, archa...
70 members - created March 14, 2005, led by SiMoNe

American Indian/Native American 1st Nati (Science & History) join
This is a tribe dedicated to those who wish to learn about tradition....that has been researched....
86 members - created June 13, 2004, led by RavenBlueWolf (moderated)

Ancient Egypt (Science & History) join
For those who have a facination with Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece etc.
636 members - created October 20, 2003, led by Nile Goddess Of STFU

Animal Behavior (Science & History) join
This is a discussion forum for Ethologists. This will mainly focus on non-human animals, however...
141 members - created December 14, 2003, led by Wendy

Animal-Astronauts (Science & History) join
Dedicated to Laika - the first dog in space and all brave animals who came after her...
25 members - created November 14, 2003, led by Lilita

Anthropology (Science & History) join
Anthropology news, discussion and such.
527 members - created August 14, 2003, led by Tucker

Anthropology Of Religion (Los Angeles - Science & History) join
A Tribe to Study the anthropology of religion discipline as a form of cultural anthropology. Why...
70 members - created June 19, 2005

anTiquity (Science & History) join
Objects, places, people, customs--from the dawn of time up to the 5th century CE.
11 members - created July 9, 2004, led by Curran

Anunnaki (Honolulu - Science & History) join
ANUNNAKI Sitchin's revolutionary speculations and proofs (and their implications for us) of the h...
2 members - created September 7, 2005, led by Sasha (Alex) (moderated)

Apomorphine Synthesis (Los Angeles - Science & History) join
Apomorphine is a potent D1 agonist. It's also extreemly expensive. In theory it should be a simpl...
1 member - created November 19, 2005, led by .William.

Archaemysteria (Science & History) join
Are you interested in ancient times, lost cultures, alternate histories, and unexplained mysterie...
117 members - created January 28, 2004, led by Xander

Archaeology (Science & History) join
A forum for all who love the study of archaeology.
181 members - created July 22, 2004, led by Jordan

Area 51, GroomLake, Paradise Ranch (Science & History) join
What ever the Facility is called, we know it as Area 51. Check out whats new, and what is being h...
14 members - created April 21, 2004, led by Jackalope

argha (Science & History) join
those who believeing in have past life before!
3 members - created February 19, 2004, led by abdul rahman

Aristotle (Science & History) join
Aristotle is the first philospher in Western history to have implicitly solved the problem of the...
52 members - created February 29, 2004, led by Barce

Armchair Historians (Science & History) join
Those who don't discuss history endlessly to the annoyance of others are doomed to repeat it.
369 members - created August 27, 2003, led by Melissa, Duchess of Pie, Beer Goddess, A

Art of the Toast (Science & History) join
In need of a good toast? Look no further: hopefully we can continue gathering good ones here, wh...
32 members - created December 22, 2003, led by Michael

Artificial Intelligence (Science & History) join
A tribe for everything AI. Aplications, philosophy. Members are encouraged to give heads up on ne...
52 members - created August 13, 2004, led by (user is online now) Brentt

Artificial Life (alife) (Science & History) join
Come join in a discussion of all things alife. Artificial creatures in software and hardware. W...
232 members - created October 17, 2003, led by andrew

AstroClub (Science & History) join
For guys interested in astronomy
7 members - created April 24, 2004, led by Bobby
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