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  1. end quote
  2. English transcript soon.
  3. If you speak Farsi, link to interview w/ marcher who was an eye witness to violent aftermath: http://thr.contralaguerra.o...
  4. me: ok [end]
  5. the deaths have been confirmed by classmates who have named them all
  6. tear gas was used inside the girls dorm and motorbikes ridden into the boys dorm
  7. me: confirmed?
  8. 3 boys 2 girls apparently...
  9. yes - kuye daneshgah [Daneshgah St]
  10. me: were there deaths before today?
  11. journo: impossible to say - but def more than a few hundred thousand; possibly 1-2 m yes.
  12. me: 1.5 million?
  13. think 22 Bahman numbers and multiply... [the day the revolution succeeded, Feb. 11]
  14. the protest was completely peaceful until sundown
  15. journo: that's a rumor but it's a very good one!
  16. me: you sure about Lebanese guys?
  17. squads of lebas shakhsi [Lebanese in private clothes] on motorbikes all over the place
  18. molotov cocktails have come out
  19. me: Kaj square? journo: yeah. Saadat Abad
  20. Kaj square "like Gaza" according to my friend's dad