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uBio News uBio Project - News

27 Jun 2006 uBio RSS is integrated within FishBase
27 Jun 2006 MBLWHOI Library incorporates uBioRSS
21 Jun 2006 uBioRSS referenced in Nature discussion article
19 May 2006 uBio in Elsevier Library Connect newsletter
17 May 2006 uBio mention in Economist Zoobank article (Feb. 2006)
28 Apr 2006 European Register of Marine Species is indexed in NameBank
26 Apr 2006 Taxonomic intelligence presentation to Sylvia Earle, Gustavo Fonseca, and Tom Lacher
21 Apr 2006 IUCN classification in uBioRSS
21 Apr 2006 Java SOAP classes updates
23 Mar 2006 BioOne Journals added to uBioRSS
16 Mar 2006 micro*scope version 6 released.
15 Mar 2006 uBio Portal and website update
14 Mar 2006 Keyword search feature revised in uBioRSS
07 Mar 2006 uBioRSS.Novum monitors RSS feeds for new names
03 Mar 2006 National Marine Fisheries Service uses X:ID for shipboard fish identification
28 Feb 2006 Zootaxa added to uBioRSS
25 Feb 2006 Nomenclator Zoologicus paper published in Feb. issue of Biol. Bull.
24 Feb 2006 uBio has set up an LSID resolver for uBio name and concept servers
13 Feb 2006 uBio and developing uBio OWL.
01 Feb 2006 uBio joins Smithsonian Library in the digital conversion of Index Animalium
28 Jan 2006 uBioRSS, a taxonomically intelligent feed reader.
17 Nov 2005 Author Abbreviation Resolver SOAP methods.
22 Sep 2005 Volume 10 of Nomenclator Zoologicus online
05 Aug 2005 uBio releases name processing tools.
01 Jul 2005 Name-aware Google Client
07 Jun 2005 Charles Hussey first to review 100 pages of Nomenclator Zoologicus
23 May 2005 uBio welcomes Dr. Adorian Ardelean
30 Nov 2004 Nomenclator Zoologicus available online
06 Oct 2004 Multiple concept review of Francolinus afer and related taxa demonstrates taxon concept service
06 Oct 2004 Conversion of the Catalog of Living Whales demonstrates utility of name services
07 Jul 2004 uBio receives GBIF funding for names digitization project
07 Jun 2004 WSDL added to the uBio Service.
01 Jun 2004 X:ID development focuses on employing the SDD standard.
15 Apr 2004 uBio upgrades it's web services
27 Jan 2004 uBio and GBIF to develop Memo of Cooperation
22 Dec 2003 David Remsen named to GBIF ECAT names subcommittee


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