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Sample applications Sample Applications

Sample applications illustrate the use of uBio services to address access impediments in information retrieval.

uBio name and concept services can be used to access vernacular, nomenclatural and taxonomic concepts to expand name-based searching to include additional terms. Our network interface allows these concepts to be used in your own applications.

Here are some examples:

uBioRSS monitors hundreds of RSS feeds from academic journals, science news, and other sources. It parses any scientific name from these feeds and presents them via classifications for browsing and specific RSS feeds.
This sample application demonstrates how the uBio web services can enhance access to bibliographic information.

The JSTOR online journal service indexes the fulltext of each journal back to the original publication. Multiple name representations for the same taxon are quite common. An example is the Pomatomus saltatrix, the new England bluefish which also occurs as Pomatomus saltator, Temnodon saltator and 10 other names. Try typing "bluefish" or "pilot whale" in the demo application.

Many biological publications contain references to animals and plants where the recorded name is no longer the currently accepted name. Locating species information can be difficult even for experts.

The digitized text of The Birds of the Belgian Congo illustrates how these impediments can be addressed with biological name services.

An image database of various marine species (primarily fishes) collected on numerous National Marine Fisheries Surveys during the 1970s-80s. The photographer recorded a scientific name and sometimes an additional common name. We use the taxonomic name server tools to map additional synonyms and vernacular names to these images. This application passes its local names list to TNS and caches synonymous scientific and vernacular names.
A compilation of Methods for Handling Marine Eggs and Embryos written in 1971 is organized by taxonomic group. Many of the species names discussed in the text are already invalid, inhibiting automated data mining methods.

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