Unity scripting

Scripting with Unity brings you fast iteration and execution and the strength and flexibility of a world-leading programming environment. Scripting is uncluttered, straightforward and incredibly fast. In Unity, you write simple behavior scripts in JavaScript, C# or Boo. All three languages are easy to use and run on the Open Source .NET platform, Mono, with rapid compilation times.

Unity scripting

Powerfully simple scripting with:

Easy debugging

Fully-integrated script debugging with MonoDevelop for both Windows and Mac. Pause your game, do single step line by line, set breakpoints and inspect values.

Visual Properties

Public variables defined by scripts are shown in the Unity Editor. Simply drag objects to set variable references, pick from drop-down lists, and change colors with a color picker.


Game logic based on Open Source .NET platform, Mono

Script with the full strength, speed and flexibility of one of the world's leading programming environments.

Event System

Implement a function and Unity handles all hook up automatically. Add your own events with SendMessage to call any method on any script.

Ease of use

Moving, rotating, and scaling objects just takes a single line of code: likewise for duplicating, removing, and changing properties. Everything can be referenced directly, by name or hierarchy, tags, proximity, or touch.

Simple Co-Routines

Logic flows that involve wait times are performed in one line of code. This makes co-routines easy and robust.

Asset Store

Find ready-made scripts for AI, GUI, special effects, physics, networking I/O and more.

More Asset Store

Online Store

The Online Store stocks Unity Pro and all Basic and Pro add-ons. You can also purchase Team License for organizing your development team, or Premium Support, for prompt replies to questions that arise while developing with Unity.

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Unity Resources

There's more to learn! Unity’s learning resources make the road to your game shorter, faster and a lot more fun.

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