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What comes with a Wii


A great value in video gaming just got better!

The Wii™ console brings gaming to people of all ages, with intuitive motion controls and a social experience for the whole family. Get up off the couch and experience the value of the new Wii console bundle - now bundled with both Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort games plus one Wii Remote™ controller, one Nunchuk™ controller and one Wii MotionPlus™ accessory!

What comes with a Wii?

Wii Sports game cover Wii Sports These fun, motion-control sports activities show you what Wii gaming is all about.
Wii Resort game cover Wii Sports Resort Step up your Wii game with precision controls and a sunny island setting. Now included with purchase of a Wii console or sold separately.
Other available accessories

Wii Features

Controls The Wii Remote controller is easy to use. The familiarity of a TV remote, combined with motion-sensing technology makes for a seamless experience. Just pick it up and make the motions you would as if you were really bowling, playing tennis, or golfing.
Games Discover a vast library featuring hundreds of games for the Wii console. From sports, to action, fitness, and more—you'll find something for everyone to enjoy, no matter what type of gamer you are.
Miis Personalize your Wii experience with Mii™ characters and the Mii Channel, then download cleverly designed Mii characters made by other Wii owners from the Check Mii Out Channel. You can create your look-alike or an entirely different character. It's up to you, so get creative and have fun with your Mii characters!
Online All Wii consoles can connect to the Internet with a broadband Internet connection. Once connected you can download hundreds of new & classic games directly onto your Wii console, play select games online with friends near and far, surf the Internet from your couch, and so much more. You'll discover an online world that's worth coming back to again and again. Visit the Connect Online section for more information.

Connect Online


Did you know that all Wii consoles can connect to the Internet?

Find Out How
Discover Wii Channels Wii is revolutionizing how people play games. But Wii is far more than just a game console. Explore Wii Channels and you'll find them packed with entertainment and information that the whole family can enjoy.
Download New & Classic Games Your online* experience with the Wii console begins here. Browse and download from a huge library of over 500 new and classic games, and discover exciting Wii Channels. You'll find it all inside the Wii Shop Channel. * Broadband Internet access and Wii Points are required for download.
Play Against Friends Online With a connected Wii console, you can play select games online with friends near and far via Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection. Visit the Game Guide for a complete list of Nintendo Wi-Fi compatible games.
Stream TV Episodes & Movies Sign-up at Netflix.com/Wii for a 14-day FREE trial and start watching thousands of TV episodes and movies streamed to your Wii console via Netflix.