This site aims to gather information, and the location of photos and films, for a forthcoming exhibition to be titled DEFENDING VICTORIA. If funding cannot be obtained, it could become a virtual exhibition on the internet. See general overview on the Exhibition page. New photos and information will bring a fresh dimension
to this subject. The exhibition will rekindle pride in the military history of colonial and post-colonial Victoria.

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The objective of the Defending Victoria website is to design an Exhibition that will be a source of pride to Victorians and Australians.

There are obvious sources of information (like the Australian War Memorial) -- but photos, diaries and information from private individuals and smaller organisations (like Historical Societies) can provide vital details unobtainable elsewhere.

The website also seeks to inform and entertain by providing information about some of the leads that emerge.

Your assistance in this venture is essential if new information can be found and brought to a wider audience.

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Your Defending Victoria host: Ian MacFarlane

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