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Cinema Journal, the official publication of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies, publishes engaging scholarship in all areas of media studies including film, television, radio, sound, and digital media. Recent issues include articles on fair use policy, the femme fatale, narration in contemporary documentaries, and television crime drama.

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Winter 2013, 52:2

ACCESS DENIED: Godard Palestine Representation
Niels Niessen
Mental Landscapes: Bazin, Deleuze, and Neorealism (Then and Now)
Justin Horton
"Hard to Handle": Camp Criticism, Trash-Film Reception, and the Transgressive Pleasures of Myra Breckinridge
David Scott Diffrient
Persistently Displaced: Situated Knowledges and Interrelated Histories in The Spook Who Sat by the Door
Samantha N. Sheppard
"Rotten to the Core": Exposing America's Energy-Media Complex in The China Syndrome
Tony Shaw
In Focus: Scholarly Publishing
edited by Mary C. Francis
Surveying Recent Scholarship on Fair Use: A Conversation
moderated by Peter Decherney

Winter 2012, 51:2

Robert Bresson’s Modernist Canvas: The Gesture toward Painting in Au hasard Balthazar
Raymond Watkins
Remembering Cinema “Elsewhere”: From Retrospection to Introspection in the Gallery Film
Catherine Fowler
Tweeting @feliciaday: Online Social Media, Convergence, and Subcultural Stardom
Elizabeth Ellcessor
US “Indie-Horror”: Critical Reception, Genre Construction, and Suspect Hybridity
Jamie Sexton
After New Latin American Cinema
Paul A. Schroeder Rodríguez
Doing Justice: A Ritual-Psychoanalytic Approach to Postmodern Melodrama and a Certain Tendency of the Action Film
Richard Pope
Conference Report: Media in Transition 7: Unstable Platforms: The Promise and Peril of Transition, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, May 13–15, 2011
submitted by Miranda Banks
In Focus: Screen Technologies
edited by Haidee Wasson
Book Reviews: Screen Studies
edited by Amanda Lotz

Fall 2012, 52:1

Cinematic Destiny: Marvel Studios and the Trade Stories of Industrial Convergence
Derek Johnson
From Irony to Narrative Crisis: Reconsidering the Femme Fatale in the Films of David Lynch
Frida Beckman
Postclassical Nonfiction: Narration in the Contemporary Documentary
Chris Cagle
Zombie Media: Transmission, Reproduction, and the Digital Dead
Allan Cameron
Mobile Endings: Screen Death, Early Narrative, and the Films of D. W. Griffith
Scott Combs
Nacer Khemir and the Subject of Beauty in Bab'Aziz: The Prince Who Contemplated His Soul
Firoozeh Papan-Matin
Conference Report: The Impact of Technological Innovations on the Historiography and Theory of Cinema
submitted by Daniel Fairfax
In Focus: Middle Eastern Media
edited by Kay Dickinson
Book Reviews: Middle Eastern Media
edited by Amanda Lotz

Summer 2012, 51:4

Cranked Masculinity: Hypermediation in Digital Action Cinema
Lorrie Palmer
Fatal Attractions: “Place,” the Korean War, and Gender in Niagara
Merrill Schleier
Television Crime Drama and Homeland Security: From Law & Order to “Terror TV”
Yvonne Tasker
The “Monumental” Heroine: Female Agency in Joseph Gaï Ramaka’s Karmen Geï
Anjali Prabhu
Media Heterotopia and Transnational Filmmaking: Mapping Real and Virtual Worlds
Hye Jean Chung
A Country for Old Men: Unforgiven, The Shootist, and the Post-Heyday Western
Jean-Christophe Cloutier
Three Translations: Sergei Tretyakov (Soviet Union), Juan Piqueras (Spain), and Matsumoto Toshio (Japan)
submitted by the Society for Cinema and Media Studies Translation Committee
Festival Report: Forty-Ninth New York Film Festival September 30–October 16, 2011
submitted by Martha P. Nochimson
In Focus: Right-Wing Media
edited by Heather Hendershot
Book Reviews: Right-Wing Media
edited by Amanda Lotz

Spring 2012, 51:3

Cinema of Failed Revolt: Brian De Palma and the Death(s) of the Left
Chris Dumas
The Work of Film in the Age of Fordist Mechanization
Lee Grieveson
Historicizing the Shadows and the Acts: No Way Out and the Imagining of Black Activist Communities
Ryan De Rosa
“Smothered in Baked Alaska”: The Anxious Appeal of Widescreen Cinema
Ariel Rogers
White Noise: Performing the White, Middle-Class Family on 1930s Radio
Joy Elizabeth Hayes
In Focus: Performance
edited by Matthew Solomon
Book Reviews: Performance
edited by Amanda Lotz

Fall 2011, 51:1

Jim Brown: From Integration to Resegregation in The Dirty Dozen and 100 Rifles
Joshua Gleich
The Tango on Broadway: Carlos Gardel’s International Stardom and the Transition to Sound in Argentina
Rielle Navitski
Landscapes of Expression: Affective Encounters in South Indian Cinema
Anand Pandian
Memories of Memories: Historicity, Nostalgia, and Archive in Bong Joon-ho’s Memories of Murder
Joseph Jonghyun Jeon
Coloniality and the Trappings of Modernity in Viridiana and The Hand in the Trap
Susan Martin-Márquez
“There’s More Than One Way to Lose Your Heart”: The American Film Industry, Early Teen Slasher Films, and Female Youth
Richard Nowell
Conference Report—Cinema across Media: The 1920s, First International Berkeley Conference on Silent Cinema, University of California, Berkeley, February 24–26, 2011
submitted by Allyson Nadia Field
In Focus: The Long Shadows of 9/11: Science Fiction, Thrillers and the War on Terror
edited by Will Brooker
9/11 Film and Media Scholarship: A Review Essay
David Slocum

Summer 2011, 50:4

From Exhibition to Genre: The Case of Grind-House Films
David Church
“It’s Just Not Turning Up”: Cinematic Vision and Environmental Justice in Todd Haynes’s Safe
Nicole Seymour
Hitting the “Vérité Jackpot”: The Ecstatic Profits of Freeze-Framed Violence
Amy Rust
Audiovisual Change: Viral Web Media and the Obama Campaign
Carol Vernallis
Lacan’s Harpo
Paul Flaig
Joe Swanberg, Intimacy, and the Digital Aesthetic
Aymar Jean Christian
Film Experience and the Formation of Illusion: The Spectator as ‘Surrogate Body’ for the Cinema
Christiane Voss translated by Inga Pollmann, SCMS Translation Committee; introduction by Vinzenz Hediger
In Memoriam: Peter Brunette (1944–2010)
Jon Lewis
Conference Report: Flow Conference, University of Texas at Austin, September 30–October 2, 2010
submitted by Louisa Stein
In Focus: Teaching Television in a Postnetwork Era
edited by Serra Tinic
Book Reviews: Teaching Television
edited by Amanda Lotz

Spring 2011, 50:3

The Benshi Track: Mizoguchi Kenji's The Downfall of Osen and the Sound Transition
Chika Kinoshita
A Certain Explicitness: Objectivity, History, and the Documentary Self
Joshua Malitsky
Localized Globalization and a Monster National: The Host and the South Korean Film Industry
Nikki J. Y. Lee
Out of the Screen and into the Theater: 3-D Film as Demo
Philip Sandifer
”Henri Bergson Talks to Us About Cinema,” by Michel Georges-Michel from Le Journal, February 20, 1914
translated and introduced by Louis-Georges Schwartz, SCMS Translation Committee
Mini-Dossier: Teaching Our Research . . . and Researching Our Teaching
edited by Ted Hovet and Elizabeth A. Lathrop, SCMS Teaching Committee
Festival Report: Cinema Ritrovato, Bologna, Italy, June 26–July 3, 2010
submitted by Haden Guest
Conference Report: Women and the Silent Screen VI, Bologna, Italy, June 24–26, 2010
submitted by Victoria Duckett
In Focus: Comics Studies: Fifty Years After Film Studies
edited by Bart Beaty
Surveying the World of Contemporary Comics Scholarship: A Conversation
moderated by Greg M. Smith

Winter 2011, 50:2

How Bridget Was Framed: The Irish Domestic in Early American Cinema, 1895-1917
Peter Flynn
Writer in the Hole: Desny v. Wilder, Copyright Law, and the Battle over Ideas
Eric Hoyt
Visual Aesthetics and Ways of Seeing: Comparing Ringu and The Ring
Valerie Wee
Traces of War: Memory, Trauma, and the Archive in Joseph Cedar Beaufort
Raz Yosef
Hollywood Gossip as Public Sphere: Hedda Hopper, Reader-Respondents, and the Red Scare, 1947-1965
Jennifer Frost
Tarkovsky's Nostalghia: Refusing Modernity, Re-Envisioning Beauty
Christy L. Burns
Conference Report: Eleventh International Domitor Conference, University of Toronto and Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada, June 13-16, 2010
In Focus: Writing and Producing TV in the Post-Network Era edited by Sharon Marie Ross
Book Reviews: Industry Studies edited by Amanda D. Lotz

Fall 2010, 50:1

"Making People Think Is What It's All About": An Interview with Mike Leigh
Bert Cardullo
Race, Politics, and Censorship: D. W. Griffith's The Birth of a Nation in France, 1916–1923
Melvyn Stokes
Inside Inside Man: Spike Lee and Post-9/11 Entertainment
Lori Harrison-Kahan
"I Wanted You to be Present": Guilt and the History of Violence in Michael Haneke's Caché
Ipek A. Celik
Cinema 3.0: The Interactive-Image
Kristen Daly
June Mathis's Valentino Scripts: Images of Male "Becoming" After the Great War
Thomas J. Slater
For Robin Wood, 1931–2009
Christopher Sharrett
Festival Report: Sundance Film Festival: Missing Gathers and Women Without Men, Park City, Utah, January 21–31, 2010 submitted by Chris Lippard
In Focus: Non-Western Historiography: A Polemic edited by Ahmet Gürata and Louise Spence
Book Reviews: Non-Western Historiography edited by Amanda D. Lotz

Summer 2010, 49:4

The Subject of Torture: Regarding the Pain of Americans in Hostel
Jason Middleton
Reassuring Convergence: Online Fandom, Race, and Disney's Notorious Song of the South
Jason Sperb
No Longer Themselves? Framing Digitally Enabled Posthumous "Performance"
Lisa Bode
Soviet-Indian Coproductions: Ali Baba as Political Allegory
Masha Salazkina
The Digital Multitude
Kristen Whissel
City of Women: Busby Berkeley, Architecture, and Urban Space
Lucy Fischer
Conference Report: The Radio Conference: A Transnational Forum York University, Toronto, Canada, July 27–30, 2009 submitted by Jason Loviglio
In Focus: The French New Wave at Fifty: Pushing the Boundaries edited by Ginette Vincendeau
Book Reviews: Global Waves edited by Amanda Lotz
Society for Cinema and Media Studies' Statement of Fair Use Best Practices for Media Studies Publishing

Spring 2010, 49:3

TV, Time, and the Films of Andy Warhol
Graig Uhlin
Postfeminist Cliques? Class, Postfeminism, and the Molly Ringwald-John Hughes Films
Anthony C. Bleach
"Two Ways of Looking": The Critical Reception of 1940s Horror
Mark Jancovich
The Central Board of Film Certification Correspondence Files (1992–2002): A Discursive Rhetoric of Moral Panic, "Public" Protest, and Political Pressure
Nandana Bose
Conference Report: Comic Arts Conference at the San Diego Comic-Con, July 23–26, 2009
submitted by Greg M. Smith
Professional Development Dossier: Passion, Politics, and People
Karen Beckman
In Focus: China's Rise
edited by Michael Curtin
Book Reviews: Chinese Media
edited by Amanda Lotz
Society for Cinema and Media Studies Membership Directory

Winter 2010, 49:2

"I Do Exist": From "Black Insurgent" to Negotiating the Hollywood Divide—A Conversation with Julie Dash
Michael T. Martin
Flaming the Fans: Shame and the Aesthetics of Queer Fandom in Todd Haynes's Velvet Goldmine
Chad Bennett
Dangerous Fictions: Race, History, and King
Jennifer Fuller
Batman versus The Green Hornet: The Merchandisable TV Text and the Paradox of Licensing in the Classical Network Era
Avi Santo
"Tryin' To Get Over": Super Fly, Black Politics, and Post-Civil Rights Film Enterprise
Eithne Quinn
Contraband Cinema: Piracy, Titanic, and Central Asia
Barbara Klinger
Festival Review: The 21st Pan-African Film and TV Festival (FESPACO), February 28–March 7, 2009 Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso submitted by Chris Lippard
In Focus: Cinephilia edited by Mark Betz
Book Reviews: Cinephilia & the Post-European Auteurs edited by Amanda D. Lotz


Fall 2009, 49:1

Avant-Garde Re-Enactment: World Mirror Cinema, Decasia, and The Heart of the World
Michele Pierson
"Noble and Uplifting and Boring as Hell": Asian American Film and Video, 1971–1982
Jun Okada
Looking for Vito
Michael Schiavi
What's the Deal With Soundtrack Albums? Metal Music and the Customized Aesthetics of Contemporary Horror
Joseph Tompkins
Undesirable Bodies and Desirable Labor: Documenting the Globalization and Digitization of Transnational American Dreams in Indian Call Centers
Dale Hudson
Sports of Spectatorship: Boxing Women of Color in Girlfight and Beyond
Camilla Fojas
Conference Report: Futures of Entertainment 3, November 21–22, 2008, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
submitted by Derek Kompare
SCMS Lifetime Membership Address, March 6, 2008, Philadelphia, PA: Stepping Sideways edited by Thomas Elsaesser
In Focus: SCMS at Fifty, edited by Lucy Fischer
Book Reviews: SCMS at Fifty


Summer 2009, 48:4

Electric Homes! Automatic Movies! Efficient Entertainment!: 16mm and Cinema's Domestication in the 1920s
Haidee Wasson
Contemporary Hollywood Masculinity and the Double-Protagonist Film
David Greven
Reading the Title Sequence (Vorspann, Générique)
Georg Stanitzek
Narnia as a Site of National Struggle: Marketing, Christianity, and National Purpose in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
James Russell
The Crowd Outside the Lettered City: Imagining the Mass Audience in 1920s India
Manishita Dass
Conference Report: Console-ing Passions, University of California–Santa Barbara, April 24–26, 2008
submitted by Moya Luckett
In Focus: Fandom and Feminism: Gender and the Politics of Fan Production
edited by Kristina Busse
Book Reviews: Feminist Film and Media Studies
edited by Amanda D. Lotz
Annotated Index to Volume 48


Spring 2009, 48:3

The Unadapted: Warner Bros. Reads Zora Neale Hurston
Elizabeth Binggeli
Indie Culture: In Pursuit of the Authentic Autonomous Alternative
Michael Z. Newman
Japan's Blair Witch: Restraint, Maturity, and Generic Canons in the British Critical Reception of Ring
Daniel Martin
Lives Aquatic: Mediterranean Cinema and an Ethics of Underwater Existence
Elena Past
In Memoriam: Manny Farber, 1917–2008
Robert Sklar
Conference Report: The 17th Annual Screen Conference, July 4–6, 2008 Glasgow, Scotland submitted by Will Straw
Teaching Dossier: Assignment Design edited by Kevin Sandler
Response to the In Focus Dossier on the British Film Institute
Andrew Lockett and Rob White
In Focus: Moving Between Platforms: Film, Television, Gaming, and Convergence
edited by Jonathan Gray
Book Reviews: Gaming
edited by Amanda D. Lotz
Society for Cinema and Media Studies Membership Directory


Winter 2009, 48:2

"Wait for the Next Pictures": Intertextuality and Cliffhanger Continuity in Early Cinema and Comic Strips
Josh Lambert
Renoir and Murder
Karla Oeler
Herzog, Landscape, and Documentary
Eric Ames
Taking Hollywood Back: The Historical Costume Drama, the Bio-Pic, and Popular Front U.S. Film Criticism
Chris Robé
John Wayne as "Supercrip": Disabled Bodies and the Construction of "Hard" Masculinity in The Wings of Eagles
Russell Meeuf
Conference Report: Orphans Take Manhattan: The 6th Biannual Orphan Film Symposium, March 26-29, 2008 New York City submitted by Devin Orgeron
In Focus: Media Studies and the Digital Humanities
Edited by Tara McPherson

Book Reviews: BFI Film Classics, edited by Amanda D. Lotz


Fall 2008, 48:1

Examples in Theory: Interpassive Illustrations and Celluloid Fetishism
Boaz Hagin
The New Wave Meets the Tradition of Quality: Jacques Demy's The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
Rodney Hill
"Feed Me!": Power Struggles and the Portrayal of Race in Little Shop of Horrors
Marc Jensen
Pop Go the Warner Bros., et al.: Marketing Film Songs during the Coming of Sound
Katherine Spring
The Eye of the Frog: Questions of Space in Films Using Digital Processes
Deborah Tudor
Conference Report: Border Crossings: Rethinking Silent Cinema, February 8–10, 2008, University of California, Berkeley, submitted by Steve Choe
In Focus: Sound Studies, edited by Michele Hilmes
Book Reviews: Sound Studies, edited by Amanda D. Lotz



Summer 2008, 47:4

The Creature from the Black Lagoon: Marilyn Monroe and Whiteness
Lois Banner
The Visual Re-creation of Black People in a "White" Country: Oscar Micheaux and Swedish Film Culture in the 1920s
Tommy Gustafsson
Of Myths and Men: Better Luck Tomorrow and the Mainstreaming of Asian America Cinema
Margaret Hillenbrand
Nothing on But Hoppy Badges: Hopalong Cassidy, William Boyd Enterprises, and Emergent Media Globalization
Michael Kackman
Noir Citizenship: Anthony Mann's Border Incident
Jonathan Auerbach
In Focus: The British Film Institute, edited by Toby Miller
Who Are These People? By Toby Miller
The British Film Institute by Geoffrey Nowell-Smith
After the flood: BFI Publishing beyond the BFI
Rebecca Barden Reponds
Cultural Strategies: Publishing at the British Film Institute by Manuel Alvarado and Edward Buscombe
Whatever Happened to BFI Publishing? by Pam Cook
Implementing Cultural Policy: The Case of the BFI Distribution Library by Colin McArthur
In the Dark: The BFI Archive by Charlotte Brunsdon
In For a Downer? Notes on Some British Film Institute Feature Film Productions of the 1980s by Bill Grantham
Archival News
Scott Higgins and Sara Ross
Professional Notes
Kirsten Moana Thompson (with Terri Ginsberg)
Cinema Journal Annotated Index to Volume 47



Spring 2008, 47:3

Becoming Clifton Webb: A Queer Star in Mid-Century Hollywood
Leonard Leff
"The More You Look, the Less You Really Know": The Redemption of White Masculinity in Contemporary American and French Cinema
Judith Franco
National, Regional, and Global: New Waves of Latin American Cinema
Luisela Alvaray
What the Shadow Knows: Race, Image, and Meaning in Shadows (1922)
Alice Maurice
The Price of Heaven: Remaking Politics in All that Heaven Allows, Ali: Fear Eats the Soul, and Far from Heaven
Salomé Aguilera Skvirsky
In Focus: The Place of Television Studies: A View from the British Midlands, edited by Charlotte Brunsdon and Ann Gray
Is Television Studies History? by Charlotte Brunsdon
"Television Resurrections": Television and Memory by Amy Holdsworth
Feeling Sentimental about Television and Audiences by Helen Wood and Lisa Taylor
Is Archiving a Feminist Issue? Historical Research and the Past, Present, and Future of Television Studies by Rachel Moseley and Helen Wheatley
Television Studies Goes Digital by James Bennett
Archival News
Scott Higgins and Sara Ross
Professional Notes
Kirsten Moana Thompson (with Terri Ginsberg)
Society for Cinema and Media Studies Membership Directory

Winter 2008, 47:2

What the Public Wanted: Hollywood, 1937-1942
Catherine Jurca
Ingrid Bergman's Star Persona and the Alien Space of Stromboli
Ora Gelley
A Lotta Night Music: The Sound of Film Noir
Richard R. Ness
Suspenseful Situations: Melodramatic Narrative and the Contemporary Action Film
Scott Higgins
Guys Gone Wild? Soft-Core Video Professionalism and New Realities in Television Production
Vicki Mayer
In Focus: The Practitioner Interview, edited by Christine Cornea
Introduction: Interviews in Film and Television Studies by Christine Cornea
An Ethics and an Aesthetics of Interviewing by Scott MacDonald
Speaking of Soft Core by Linda Ruth Williams
The Recalcitrant Interviewee by Mark Kermode
Studying Up and F**cking Up: Ethnographic Interviewing in Production Studies by Vicki Mayer
After the Interview by Brett Mills
The Society for Cinema and Media Studies' Statement of Best Practices for Fair Use in Teaching for Film and Media Educators
Archival News
Scott Higgins and Sarah
Professional Notes
Kirsten Moana Thompson (with Terri Ginsberg)

Fall 2007, 47:1

Kuhle Wampe and the Problem of Corporal Culture
Theodore F. Rippey
Making a Go of It: Paternity and Prohibition in the Films of Wes Anderson
Joshua Gooch
Irresistible Death: 21 Grams as Melodrama
Michael Stewart
A Mexican Nouvelle Vague: The Logic of New Waves under Globalization
Jeff Menne
In Focus: Teaching "Difficult" Films, edited by Paul McEwan
Exploitation Films: Teaching Sin in the Suburbs by Eric Schaefer
Racist Film: Teaching The Birth of a Nation by Paul McEwan
Misogynist Films: Teaching Top Gun by Tania Modleski
Teaching Indian Cinema by Sumita Chakravarty
Avant-Garde Films: Teaching Wavelength by Michael Zryd
Indecipherable Films: Teaching Gummo by Jeffrey Sconce
Archival News
Scott Higgins and Sara Ross
Professional Notes
Kirsten Moana Thompson (with Terri Ginsberg)

Summer 2007, 46:4

Having It All Ways: The Tourist, the Traveler, and the Local in The L Word
Candace Moore
Blackboard Jungle: The Ethnographic Narratives of Education on Film
Dan Leopard
Decompressing Modernity: South Korean Time Travel Narratives and the IMF Crisis
David Martin-Jones
The Australian Western, or A Settler Colonial Cinema par excellence
Peter Limbrick
In Focus: Visual Culture, Scholarship, and Sexual Images, edited by Chuck Kleinhans
Introduction: Prior Constraints by Chuck Kleinhans
How I published vintage queer filth in film, video, photography, and graphics over 25 years of editors, designers, lawyers, printers, and booksellers--and survived by Thomas Waugh
"Frenzy of the Visible," Indeed! by Linda Williams
You and Voyeurweb: Illustrating the Shifting Representation of the Penis on the Internet with User-Generated Content by Peter Lehman
Racism and Pornography: Evidence, Paradigms, and Publishing by Daniel Bernardi
Seizing Moving Image Pornography by José B. Capino
Academic Cult Erotica: Fluid Beings or a Cubicle of Our Own? by Katrien Jacobs
Conference Update by Chuck Kleinhans
Archival News
Scott Higgins and Sara Ross
Professional Notes
Kirsten Moana Thompson (with Terri Ginsberg)
Annotated Index to Volume 46

Spring 2007, 46:3

Broadcasting Modernity: Cuban Television, 1950-1953
Yeidy M. Rivero
Moving Pictures, Still Lives: Staging National Tableaux and Text in Prospero's Books
Ryan Trimm
The Surrealism of the Photographic Image: Bazin, Barthes, and the Digital Sweet Hereafter
Adam Lowenstein
Visual "Drive" and Cinematic Narrative: Reading Gaze Theory in Lacan, Hitchcock, and Mulvey
Clifford T. Manlove
In Focus: The 21st Century Archive edited by Eric Schaefer
Archives and Access in the 21st Century by Rick Prelinger
Regional Moving Image Archives in the United States by Karan Sheldon
The Role of Orphan Films in the 21st Century Archive by Dan Streible
The Archivist, the Scholar, and Access to Historic Television Materials by Margaret A. Compton
Collective Effort: Archiving LGBT Moving Images by Lynne Kirste
The Library of Congress National Audio-Visual Conservation Center by Mike Mashon
Archival News
Scott Higgins and Sara Ross
Professional Notes
Kirsten Moana Thompson (with Terri Ginsberg)
Society for Cinema and Media Studies Membership Directory

Winter 2007, 46:2

The Revered Gaze: The Medieval Imaginary of Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ
Alison Griffiths
La Camera-Crayola: Authorship Comes of Age in the Cinema of Wes Anderson
Devin Orgeron
The Big Lift (1950): Image and Identity in Blockaded Berlin
Ralph Stern
Banal and Magnificent Space in Electra Glide in Blue (1973), or An Allegory of the Nixon Era
Mark Shiel
In Focus: Fair Use and Film, edited by Peter Decherney
From Fair Use to Exemption by Peter Decherney
Fair Use, Film, and the Advantages of Internet Distribution by Fred von Lohmann
Untold Stories: Collaborative Research on Documentary Filmmaker's Free Speech and Fair Use by Peter Jaszi and Patricia Aufderheide
Access to Orphan Works: Copyright Law, Preservation, and Politics by Eric J. Schwartz and Matt Williams
"If You Can't Protect What You Own, You Don't Own Anything": Piracy, Privacy, and Public Relations in 21st Century Hollywood by Jon Lewis
Archival News
Scott Higgins and Sara Ross
Professional Notes
Terri Ginsberg

Fall 2006, 46:1

Countering Censorship: Edgar Dale and the Film Appreciation Movement
John Nichols
Disturbing the Peace: Lost Boundaries, Pinky, and Censorship in Atlanta, Georgia, 1949-1952
Margaret T. McGehee
Cinemagoing in Portsmouth during the 1930s
John Sedgwick
"The most explosive object to hit Britain since the V2!": The British Films of Hardy Kruger and Anglo-German Relations during the 1950s
Melanie Williams
In Focus: Documentary, edited by B. Ruby Rich
Bus 174 and the Living Present by Amy Villarejo
Cinema Solidarity: The Documentary Practice of Kim Longinotto by Patricia White
Rethinking Documentary in the Digital Age by Faye Ginsburg
Wu Wenguang: An Introduction by Chris Berry
DV: Individual Filmmaking by Wu Wenguang, translated by Cathryn Clayton
Archival News
Scott Higgins and Sara Ross
Professional Notes
Kirsten Moana Thompson (with Terri Ginsberg)

Summer 2006, 45:4

"Must the Players Keep Young?": Early Hollywood's Cult of Youth
Heather Addison
The Clothes Make the Fan: Fashion and Online Fandom when Buffy the Vampire Slayer Goes to eBay
Josh Stenger
"Have You Ever Seen the Inside of One of Those Places?": Psycho, Foucault, and the Postwar Context of Madness
Cynthia Erb
No(ir) Place to Go: Spatial Anxiety and Sartorial Intertextuality in Die Unberührbare
Mattias Frey
In Focus: Academic Labor, edited by Jonathan Buchsbaum
"Yes, we are students, but we are also workers": Interviews of Student Strike Organizers at NYU, interviewed by Jonathan Buchsbaum and Penny Lewis
"We are teachers, hear us roar": Contingent Faculty Author an Activist Culture by Marc Bousquet
Academic Labor: The Canadian Context by Vicky Smallman
Crisis and Resistance: A Union Fights Back by Barbara Bowen
The Crisis in Academic Employment: A Local Story by Jon Lewis
Archival News
Scott Higgins and Sara Ross
Professional Notes
Kirsten Moana Thompson (with Terri Ginsberg)
Annotated Index to Volume 45

Spring 2006, 45:3

"Before She Was a Virgin . . .": Doris Day and the Decline of Female Film Comedy in the 1950s and 1960s
Dennis Bingham
Brand-Name Literature: Film Adaptation and Selznick International Pictures' Rebecca (1940)
Kyle Dawson Edwards
Sex Is Dangerous, So Satisfy Your Wife: The Softcore Thriller in Its Contexts
David Andrews
From the Portrait to the Close-Up: Gender and Technology in Still Photography and Hollywood Cinematography
Patrick Keating
In Focus: The Death of 16mm? edited by Heather Hendershot
Archiving, Preserving, Screening 16mm by Jan-Christopher Horak
Film and Media Studies and the Law of the DVD by William Fisher and Jacqueline Harlow
16mm: Reports of Its Death Are Greatly Exaggerated by Scott MacDonald
Of Ghosts and Machines: An Interview with Zoe Beloff (interviewed by Heather Hendershot)
Archival News
Scott Higgins and Sara Ross
Professional Notes
Kirsten Moana Thompson (with Terri Ginsberg)
Society for Cinema and Media Studies Membership Directory

Winter 2006, 45:2

Matthew Barney and the Paradox of the Neo-Avant-Garde Blockbuster
Alexandra Keller and Frazer Ward
The Academy and the Avant-Garde: A Relationship of Dependence and Resistance
Michael Zryd
Portrait of a Patriot's Son: Philip Ahn and Korean Diasporic Identities in Hollywood
Hye Seung Chung
Benshi as Stars: The Irony of the Popularity and Respectability of Voice Performers in Japanese Cinema
Hideaki Fujiki
In Focus: Writing for the American Screen, edited by James Schamus
What a Screenplay Isn't by Howard Rodman
Split Personality: Random Thoughts on Writing for Theater and Film by José Rivera
Documentary by Design by Sydnye White
Writers United? by John Auerbach
My Unexpected Life in the Mainstream by Jan Oxenberg
Archival News
Scott Higgins and Scott Ross
Professional Notes
Kirsten Moana Thompson (with Terry Ginsberg)

Editor: Will Brooker, Kingston University, UK

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Orders will be processed during regular business hours Monday through Friday. Orders are delivered via e-mail (as PDFs), fax, or USPS surface mail within 48 hours of receipt.

Rush Orders
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Once an order has been processed, refunds will not be issued nor returns accepted.

Published Quarterly

Advertising Rates
Full Page: $400.00
Half Page Horizontal: $300.00
Agency Commission: 15%

Mechanical Requirements
Full Page: 4.5 x 7.5 in.
Half Page: 4.5 x 3.75 in.
Trim Size: 6 x 9 in.
Halftones: 300 dpi


Issue Reservations Artwork
Fall August 15 September 1
Winter November 15 December 1
Spring February 15 March 1
Summer May 15 June 1

Acceptance Policy

All advertisements and use of lists are limited to material of scholarly interest to our readers. A sample mailing piece must accompany all list rental orders. If any advertisement or mailing piece is inappropriate, we reserve the right to decline it.

Download our current rate card (PDF).


  • All copy is subject to editorial approval.
  • Publisher's liability for error will not exceed cost of space reserved.
  • If requested, all artwork will be returned to advertiser.
  • Invoices and tear sheets wll be issued shortly after journal publication.
  • We prefer to have ads as Portable Document Format (PDF) files.

These files can be e-mailed directly to

Please fax a hard copy of any ad you submit electronically to 512.232.7178. Your fax allows us to make sure a file has not been corrupted during transmission.

Mailing List Information

Selection options

  • Zip code sequence
  • Domestic or foreign subscriber names
  • Individual or institutional subscribers
  • Expired subscribers

$140/M, electronic format only (Excel file) via email
$140 minimum order.

Lists may be rented to promote materials of professional interest to journal subscribers for a one-time mailing only and may not be copied, reused, or used by anyone other than the original renter.

To order
Mail or fax a sample of your mailing piece, along with an order form detailing label type, selection(s), and date needed.