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Downloading and Purchasing

If I buy a video once, do I need to buy it again to watch it on another computer?

No. Once you buy a video, you can download it to other computers up to several times.

Why do I need the Google Video Player to watch videos I've purchased?

Most of the videos for sale on Google Video are copy-protected. The Google Video Player allows you to watch this copy-protected content in addition to other videos you download.

Why do I need to be connected to the Internet to view copy-protected videos?

Copy-protected videos are encrypted files. To decrypt these files and allow you to view the video's content, the Google Video Player needs to communicate with Google over an active Internet connection.

Can I use a Mac to watch videos I've purchased?

No. If you have a Mac, you can't watch purchased, copy-protected videos. At this time, you can only watch videos that aren't copy-protected.

We look forward to offering more options in the future.

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