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  March 1, 2000The World Bank Launches On-Line Pension Primer - 2000/235/S
  March 1, 2000Higher Education Key To Knowledge Economy
World Bank President Launches Report by Independent Task Force
- 2000/229/S
  February 29, 2000Reducing Poverty starts with Children - 2000/230/S
  February 29, 2000World Bank Approves Loan to Jordan for Higher Education Development - 2000/233/MNA
  February 29, 2000World Bank Approves Financial Sector Adjustment Project for Uruguay - 2000/232/LAC
  February 29, 2000Structural Reform and Good Governance Supported in Cambodia - 2000/231/EAP
  February 29, 2000World Bank Commends South Korea's Progress on Structural Reform - 2000/228/EAP
  February 29, 2000Joint Statistics Published on External Debt (Fifth in a Series of Quarterly Releases)
  February 28, 2000World Bank Study Takes Stock of Bangladesh's Health Sector - 2000/227/SAR
  February 25, 2000World Bank Meeting in Tunisia Pursues Broad Participation in Design of New Forest Strategy - News Release No. 2000/223/S
  February 24, 2000World Bank to Provide $2.5 Million in Emergency Assistance to Mozambique - 2000/226/AFR
  February 24, 2000World Bank Approves Water Supply Urgent Rehabilitation Project For Albania - 2000/221/ECA
  February 24, 2000World Bank Supports Environmental Policy Reform In Bulgaria - 2000/222/ECA
  February 23, 2000In Vietnam, World Bank President Wolfensohn Calls for a Comprehensive Development Framework for the 21st Century -
  February 23, 2000World Bank President to Visit Philippines -
  February 23, 2000World Bank Launches Spanish-Language Website - 2000/224/LAC
  February 22, 2000Rebuilding East Timor at the Local Level -
  February 22, 2000World Bank President Wolfensohn Visits Tra Vinh and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam -
  February 20, 2000World Bank President Wolfensohn Wraps Up Visit to Indonesia -
  February 18, 2000World Bank Helps Sierra Leone Recover From Ravages of Civil War - 2000/218/AFR
  February 18, 2000Spain Joins World Bank in Global Distance Learning Network Initiative - 2000/215/S
  February 17, 2000Building Knowledge Societies: The Second Global Knowledge Conference (Media Advisory) -
  February 17, 2000World Bank Debars Firms - 220
  February 17, 2000World Bank Approves Two Loans to Philippines for Social Services for the Poor and National Roads - 2000/216/EAP
  February 16, 2000World Bank President Wolfensohn to Visit Indonesia - 2000/219/EAP
  February 16, 2000World Bank Responds to Reports on Misuse of Funds in East Timor - 2000/214/EAP
  February 16, 2000Wolfensohn Calls For Globalization With A 'Human Face' - 212
  February 16, 2000Second Wave Of Reforms Critical To Boosting Growth And Reducing Poverty In India - 210
  February 14, 2000GEF Grant supports international agreement to protect Mekong River Basin - 2000/211/EAP
  February 12, 2000World Bank Group and Softbank to Invest in Internet Enterprises for the Developing World - 00/92
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