International Astronomical Union
Union Astronomique Internationale

Groupe de Travail sur les Objets Proches de la Terre

Working Group on Near-Earth Objects

A Working Group of IAU Divisions III and I

Chairman: David Morrison
Vice Chairman: Andrea Milani
Secretary: Richard P. Binzel

Organizing Committee: Edward Bowell, Andrea Carusi, Alan W. Harris, Syuzo Isobe, Brian G. Marsden, Robert McMillan, Karri Muinonen, Steven J. Ostro, Viktor Shor, Gonzalo Tancredi, Jana Ticha, Donald K. Yeomans.

The IAU Working Group on NEOs (WGNEO) is sponsored jointly by Division I and Division III. Unlike most IAU working groups, this WG is large, with a total membership of nearly 50, including consultants. The business of the WG is managed by the Officers and Organizing Committee listed above.


When someone predicts a close approach to Earth by an asteroid, a subcommittee of this Working Group advises the IAU on the reliability of the prediction. They act as voluntary peer reviewers of the manuscript if the author wishes to make use of the committee. The results of their evaluations, as well as other related public statements, are all linked from our Public Statements page.

The most recent IAU WGNEO Public Statement was issued 2004 December 30.

The general policy of the IAU with regard to research on and public information about NEOs is formulated in the Policy Statement issued by the IAU Executive Committee. The practical execution of this policy is organised by the IAU Working Group on NEOs of IAU Division III and the IAU Minor Planet Center.

Guidelines and membership of the technical review committee are on the Technical Review web page.


MEMBERS, including members of the Organizing Committee.

Mike A'Hearn, Mark Bailey, Richard Binzel, Carlo Blanco, Andrea Boattini, Ted Bowell, Andrea Carusi, Clark Chapman, Paul Chodas, Nikolaj Chernykh, Julio Fernandez, Daniel Green, Gerhard Hahn, Alan Harris, Eleanor Helin, Syuzo Isobe, Claes-Ingvar Lagerkvist, Steve Larson, A.C. Levasseur-Regourd, Brian Marsden, Robert McMillan, Andrea Milani, David Morrison, Karri Muinonen, Syuichi Nakano, William Napier, Steven Ostro, Steven Pravdo, Hans Rickman, Hans Scholl, Ken Seidelmann, Peter Shelus, Viktor Shor, Maria Sokolskaya, Duncan Steel, Grant Stokes, Gonzalo Tancredi, David Tholen, Jana Ticha, Giovanni Valsecchi, Richard West, Gareth Williams, Iwan Williams, Makoto Yashikawa, Don Yeomans.


David Asher, Dave Balam, Mario Carpino, Steve Chesley, Chris Chyba, Victoria Garshnek, Scott Hudson, Leon Jaroff, Alain Maury, Jacqueline Mitton, Oliver Morton, Petr Pravec, David Rabinowitz, Geoff Sommer, Tim Spahr, Jonathan Tate, Milos Tichy.

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