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Welcome to the Zope/WebDAV Test Server

This Zope server has been made available to developers and Zope users to allow interoperability and general testing of Zope's WebDAV support. Zope is a free, Open Source(tm) web application platform used for building high-performance, dynamic web sites.

WebDAV is a set of extensions to the HTTP protocol that allow users to collaboratively edit and manage remote web resources.

Getting Access

There are two ways to get access to the test server. You can access the "Public" area of the server which allows only read-only DAV operations via the url: http://webdav.zope.org:2518/users/public/.

To get access to your own private area where you can test both read and write operations, please send an email to webdav@zope.org. The recipient is a human, so the command language is pretty flexible :)

Acceptable Use

We have made this server available because we want to find bugs and ensure maximum interoperability with WebDAV clients. To this end, we give each tester a private Folder where he or she has fairly unrestricted abilities to create, change and delete his or her objects. We do, however, ask that you observe a few rules:

How Do I Test It?

Information on available WebDAV client (and server) software can be found on www.webdav.org, as well as on the homepage of the IETF WEBDAV Working Group.

The upcoming Zope release that includes WebDAV support will also contain a client library that can be used to access WebDAV servers. The client library is still under active development, and is not yet generally available.

Reporting Bugs

Please use our Bug report form at zope.org to report bugs or suspected bugs. You can also check the listing of reported bugs to see if something has already been reported. To let us know about your interoperability experiences or for other feedback, please email us at webdav@zope.org.

Recent Changes

Implementation Notes

Zope currently provides Class 1 WebDAV support and correct handling of HTTP GET, HEAD, POST, PUT, DELETE, OPTIONS, TRACE, PROPFIND, PROPPATCH, MKCOL, COPY and MOVE methods, as appropriate for the object that is the target of the operation. Objects which do not support a given operation should respond with an appropriate HTTP error.

Zope Folders and objects which are "content" objects such as DTMLDocuments, Images and Files fully support the DAV methods. Some objects in the Zope environment however, such as database connection objects or MailHost objects, are not really "content" objects. For these objects, PUT and PROPPATCH are usually not meaningful and thus not allowed, though you may generally use DAV to perform other operations such as DELETE, COPY or MOVE on them as usual.

WebDAV support is tightly integrated with the powerful Zope security model. Most WebDAV operations correspond closely to operations that are already available in the Zope management interfaces. WebDAV operations are generally protected by the same existing permission that protects the corresponding management operation.

The following describes the protection of the currently supported DAV HTTP methods by Zope permissions.

DTML Methods and DTML Documents provide a DAV:source link in their properties which DAV clients may attempt to access in order to obtain the unprocessed DTML source for the object. Note that the "View Management Screens" permission is required to get the unprocessed source of a DTML Method or DTML Document via HTTP.

Note that the ability of a Zope installation to support WebDAV HTTP methods depends on the willingness of the web server to defer handling of those methods to the Zope process. In most cases, servers will allow the process to handle any request, so the Zope portion of your url namespace may well be able to handle WebDAV operations even though your web server software is not WebDAV-aware itself. Zope installations which use bundled server implementations such as ZopeHTTPServer or ZServer will fully support WebDAV functions.




We expect WebDAV support to be included in an upcoming Zope 1.11.0 release. In the meantime, adventurous Zope fans can use our public CVS server to check out the latest work in progress.

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