The collections of the Yale University Library are represented in multiple online catalogs and card catalogs. Together, Orbis, Morris (the Law Library catalog) and the Center for Research Libraries (CRL) catalog constitute the Yale University Library online catalog.

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Operating Hours: Sunday, 7 a.m. through Tuesday, 2 a.m.; Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 7 a.m. - 2 a.m.; Friday and Saturday, 7a.m. - 12 a.m.

Connect to Standard Orbis (TN3270)
The standard text-based interface to Orbis requires a TN3270 telnet client and provides full support for diacritics and special characters. Periodical indexes included in Standard Orbis are: Expanded Academic Index (ACAD) and PsycInfo (PSYC). Use these periodical indexes to locate articles in journals, monograph series, dissertations, etc.
Connect to Orbis for Windows
An experimental Windows interface to Orbis, Expanded Academic Index (ACAD), PsycINFO, and BIOSIS.
IMPORTANT: This option is available only on Yale Library public workstations (Windows PC ONLY).

Connect to Orbis on the Web (WWW Orbis)
World Wide Web interface to Orbis (OPAC only) and selected Z39.50 library catalogs provides hypertext links to related Orbis records, to full-text and image databases, and to external Internet resources.
WARNING: Early Implementation! There are no Guide or Index displays to assist in navigating large sets of records AND no detailed volume-level holdings for periodicals and multi-volume sets cannot be displayed.

Connect to Orbis Telnet
Text-based Orbis, including access to Expanded Academic Index and PsycInfo, which requires a telnet client. Terminal Type is VT100 to log in.

Sterling Memorial Library Card Catalog

About the Sterling Memorial Library Card Catalog
Check the Sterling Memorial Library Card Catalog for pre-1977 materials that do not appear in Orbis. The union card catalog in the nave of Sterling Memorial Library contains 11,986 drawers, representing over 100 years of cataloging records for the fourth largest library in the United States. It contains cards for material in most, but not all, formats held by most, but not all, libraries in the Yale University Library system represented on a combination of handwritten, half-height cards; typewritten cards; and computer-produced cards. The current catalog represents the final evolutionary state of a living document that has changed over time as the content of catalog records, their format, and their arrangement have evolved under many codes of cataloging rules.

Special Catalogs

List of Special Catalogs at Yale
Catalogs for library materials not accessible, or not easily accessible, through Orbis or the SML Card Catalog. Although the card catalog in Sterling Memorial Library is commonly thought of as the Yale Library's "union catalog", it does not contain, in fact, records for all materials in all formats. Over the long history of the Yale Library, many special catalogs have been created to describe those collections not otherwise represented in the "union catalog" or, in more recent years, in the online catalog Orbis. These special catalogs have been created in a variety of ways: as handwritten indexes, in traditional card format, as published book catalogs, and more recently, as database files. For manuscript and archival collections, finding aids have been created to provide access to this type of material. Other special catalogs have been created to provide access to specific kinds of information about the collections: e.g. tracings for bindings, provenance information, imprint files, etc.


Connect to Morris
Morris is the online catalog of the Lillian Goldman Law Library at Yale. These records are, for the most part, not duplicated in Orbis.

CRL Catalog

Connect to CRL Catalog
The CRL Catalog is the online catalog of the Center for Research Libraries in Chicago. Its primary purpose is to collect those research materials not targeted by the North American research institutions. The Center collects heavily in the follow materials: archival materials, newspapers and periodicals (foreign & domestic, specialized), foreign doctoral dissertations, U.S. state documents, USSR Academic publications. The Center collects broadly in the following geographic regions: Africa, East Asia, and Southeast Asia. In addition, the Center collects any category of material, from any geographic locale, which is deemed important to scholarly research, but has not been acquired by other institutions. All resources in the CRL Catalog are available to Yale University faculty, staff, and students through Interlibrary Loan.

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